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elevator. We walk in and I take a card from my wallet and scan it into a hidden crease by the elevator’s keypad. Once I scan my card in, the keypad pops out and slides down unveiling a retinal scan. I stare into and say my name and the LED light flashes green and the elevator begins moving downward.

“I’m excited, now,” he smiles again and pats me on my back.

“I wish I could say the same,” I reply.

“I’m sure you’ll have a change in heart, eventually.”

The elevator comes to a stop and the doors open to a small hallway that leads to a garage type door. I walk through and Reinhardt follows behind me as I go to the door and punch in a code to open the lock holding the door down.

“Open sesame?” He asks rhetorically.

“Hold your horses,” I raise the door up to the bridge to the lower level research center.

“This is where NeoGenesis is kept? Wonderful!”

“Yes.  Yes, sir,” I say nervously.

“Well? Let’s move on!” He says demandingly and walks quickly past me across a steel cage bridge that leads to another elevator. “Why did you build this in such a dreary place below sea level, doc?”

“If there ever come a day I need to drop my research, all I have to do is open a hatch that leads to an underwater cave just under the beach. It would flood everything and leave the rest of the facility in tact,” I explain.

“Well, we can’t have that. Why would you set up such a thing?” he asks.

“I didn’t, it was my father’s doing. He knew our family trade wouldn’t be easily accepted by the outside world. So he built this facility so we could file thirteen the whole setup if we had to,” I tell him as we walk into the second elevator.

“I can understand that, I suppose,” he mutters.

We go down the second elevator into the area where my family secrets have stayed. Where our deep dark secrets are kept from public eye. It’s not until this day that I’ve shared this place with anyone else. We’ve used flesh to create things most would say could never be living and we’ve used flesh to create objects that create energy. No one would understand the benefits of this science. No one would see past the great sacrifices to see the greater good of it. This is mankind’s science at it’s peak but I know all would think evil of it’s use. Even I have a hard time accepting the possibility, but it’s real and it’s here.

“This is Sparky,” I say, as I unlock a heavy metal door and slide off the steel bar holding it closed firmly.

“Sparky? Is it a dog?” Reinhardt laughs.

“No, sir. In fact, it’s has its own animal class. Genesis Electrostimuli. Genetically altered mammal for the use of electrical productivity. It’s body can produce as much electricity as it can eat food. Genetically altered mitochondria allows it to produce one thousand times the normal amount of electricity a normal animal can. In conjunction with the right mechanisms, the energy is stored both within its body and within the mechanism. Without the mechanism, however, the creature will explode,” I explain.

Sparky is tied up with six heavy duty nylon ropes. The drawback to the creatures existence is that most of it’s energy can’t be used by the creature itself. If an animal would be engineered with these abilities and given the ability to use all the energy it can produce, there’s no limitation to what it could do. Rapid healing, unmentionable strength, and perhaps the ability to send 

The End

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