The TourMature

of a heart attack. He could even tell that wasn’t a fifty-five year old heart in his chest. Given the consequences, the judge let me go with a few fines and told me not to practice surgeries of any kind outside of a hospital. I had enough educational background and given that the amount of home surgeries were growing, and the fact that he knew I just wanted to save my father, he left me off the hook.

That was just the tip of the spear. After other movement members heard I went as far as trying to save my own dad and the I was basically let off the hook with just a few thousand dollar fines, they were calling me up, e-mailing me, and sending me faxes asking all kinds of questions. Once they knew what happened, what was under way for the movement galvanized when government gave one man leeway.  The community of this new practice saw this as a green light to push the envelope further. This is a whole other story, though. Let’s get back to the present one, shall we?

“So, you and your firm has already invested a lot of time and money into this place, I see,” Mr. Reinhardt says as he stares at the underwater plant. The building, halfway above ground and half just off the shore, resides in Cape May, New Jersey.

“There is ‘Building A’ which is at the tip of the Cape May peninsula, and ‘Building B’ about thirty miles up North. ‘Building A’ deals with mostly our college internship program where students come to study what we do in oceanic creature DNA sampling where we contrast and compare genetic mutations between land and sea animals, the rates of genetic mutations, number of genetic pairs in a creatures genetic double-helix, and among other things basically everything we can try to learn more about we look at. We’re at ‘Building B’ where most of our more important projects are run which deal with research for NASA,” I explain. “A lot is an understatement, though, this is our lives, sir.”

“Mind taking me for a tour?” he asks.

“Not a problem,” I say. “Follow me. I’ll even throw in a free shirt from the gift shop.”

“Now you’re talking,” he laughs.

“‘Building B’ is one third office space which consists of our marketing team, several secretaries, an accountant, the President which is me of course, the vice president,  and two thirds research laboratory which I’m usually working in with the four leading researchers on the east coast and a few former college students who’ve recently been hired through our internship program at the ‘Building A’ complex. The research facility in this building consists of the laboratory with all of test subjects like our pinky mice, field rats, rhesus monkeys, and even chickens; gene splicing labs, petri dishes, cancer cell treatment lab- ” I say and he cuts me off.

“Less tell, more show, please,” Reinhardt says slowly and makes a hand gesture towards the front double doors.

“Right,” I sigh.

“Don’t stall on me, Dr. Thompson. I’m an impatient man,” he says. “You’ve got a lot more than that. Now, show me what I want to see.”

I stare at him a moment with a blank expression, “all right, then. So, the usual school trip tour won’t do? Ok, ok, I see.”

“We know what you’ve been doing. Don’t you think it is about time you get the recognition you deserve? We need your genious, doctor,” Reinhardt grins at me.

I look at him as his grin grows to a full smile showing his teeth like a hungry wolf. I scowl back at him and say “Let’s go.”

We walk through the front doors through the entering hall and pass the front desk to an 

The End

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