Sense of doomMature

“What are you going to do if I don’t?” says the officer.

“I won’t do anything. Eighty-six!  Let’s go!” I shout.

The back seat door behind him flies off it’s hinge and slides through the parking lot. Sine runs out of the front door and yells “Get in the car! Get in the damn car!” I keep the gun pointed at the officer in the sedan at the gas pump and walk backwards as Grant, Sine, and Eighty-six jump in. The man from inside the store comes out covered in orange slushy and his clothes were ripped up.

“What the hell you do to him?” Grant asks.

“I slowed him down, didn’t I?” Sine said. “Hurry, Karber!”

“All right! Keep your heads down!” I jump in and we can hear gunshots from the two men. The back window gets shot three times, the let rearview mirror was hit. I speed out into the road and make my way down a few blocks before I see the black sedan following us.

“Sine, Grant, aim for the tires!” I yell.

“We’ll try!” Sine puts on his seatbelt and leans out the door and starts firing.

“Take them out, they know who we are!” I shout.

“What!?” Sine shouts as he’s shooting. He leans back in and hunkers down to reload his gun.

“Oh, fuck!” As I’m speeding down the street, an intersection comes up fast with a red light. A big rig is coming through making a left turn into the lane beside us from the right, blocking our path. I lay on the horn for pedestrians to get out of the way and I drive up onto the sidewalk about five feet before sliding into the trailer on the back of the rig.

“Hot damn, Karber! Yee-haw!!” Grant shouts.

“Grant, shut up and do something, would ya!?” Sine shouts before he pops his head back out the passenger side door.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Watch this!” Grant takes his gun and shoots through the back window and blows out the front left tire on the driver’s side and they swerve into that direction.

“Good shit!” I say.

“Ugh, thank god. Good shot,” Sine says.

“Hell yeah, buddy. That’s how I do it. I’m the best shot on the east coast, bitches!” Grant says and kisses his pistol.

“I’ll let you gloat and get away with it this time. You saved our asses,” I tell Grant.

Suddenly, the police scanner in the SUV goes off.

“Turn that up, Sine,” Grant says.

“Four suspects heading south bound on Washington. Just took out two officers in a private vehicle. All available units please respond. I repeat, all available units please respond!”

“Fuck...” Sine says under his breath.

“We’re so screwed,” I say.

“It’s all your stupid-ass faults!! I told you we shouldn’t have meddled!!” Grant yells and starts punching the back of Sine’s seat.

“I’m sorry,” number Eighty-Six says. “I asked way too much of you.”

“Damn straight, ya did! We’re never gonna get out of jail, now! We were under contract to finish out our time and now we can kiss all that goodbye! All just because you fucks had bleeding hearts or hard ons or some shit for this fuck head beside me!!”

“Grant, he never would have came with us if we didn’t help him! You saw what he did to those hand-cuffs! You shot him and he didn’t even complain! He could have killed us all if he 

The End

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