low. So what is the state and federal governing men and women in charge doing about it? Using people like us to fix the system.

I really don’t understand why I’m with these guys. I mean, I’m twenty-seven years old and I gotta do the same job basically that I wanted to make a career out of for free unless we actually catch somebody like eighty-six. I was attending an academy in northern New York state to become a trooper and I got framed for something I had no part of. They figured I’d be a shoe in for Quasar after about a six month stay at a penitentiary. The state appointed me a lawyer and it’s what he recommended instead of rotting in there for five years. I guess I’m a little grateful because the sentence with Quasar gets shorter and shorter if I pay a little of my earnings. I imagine we’d have enough now with the bounty money we’ve just ‘earned’.

A man in our quarters who was training to become a state trooper with the rest of us in our squad was beaten by four other students at the Academy in the middle of the night. Somehow my name came up. Basically, people knew I didn’t like the guy and plugged my name in next to assault charges. They just automatically assumed I was one of the four who did it.

“Let’s go for a drive. We need to figure out what we’re going to do,” Sine says as we get outside.

“Go back to the bar?” Grant asks.

“Ignore him,” I say. “We don’t know for sure where he’s being taken.”

“We could find out where. Stick around and watch for him to leave the building and see who picks him up,” Sinewy explains.

“Yeah, I was thinking about that, too,” I reply.

“Too much work. We got paid, already. Let’s just pay off our debts,” Grant says.

“What’s your bail set at, Grant?” I ask.

“Sixty-five grand,” he says.

“Damn, I only owe thirty,” I say back.

“Mines about seventy-five,” Sinewy adds.

“Damn, we don’t have enough, do we?” I ask.

Sine sits there for a moment and says, “altogether that’s one-hundred and seventy grand.”

“Why is yours so high, metal mouth?” Grant wonders.

“Medical bills were added to my bail bill. I would only owe about twenty if it wasn’t for this thing,” Sine says and taps his metal chin.

“Shit. What are we gonna do? We can’t quit, yet,” I say.

“I don’t know. But, if we don’t help eighty six I’m gonna wonder about him. I got enough on my conscious as it is. I don’t need nightmares about him, too,” Sine explains.

“Seriously? Who gives a fuck about him? I say we do a few more jobs for Quasar and pay everything off so we can start over. What is there to feel so bad about? We serve the bounties, we pay back our bills, and then move on. I wouldn’t feel bad one fucking bit,” Grant tells us.

“You have a point, Grant,” Sine says. “But, I have a feeling this guy was done dirty.”

“He doesn’t even know his own name,” I add.

“What if its all just an act? Not retaliating for being shot, not knowing who he is, all that shit- who are you guys to say he’s not full of it?” Grant asks.

“Let me shoot you and you tell me what you’d wanna do to me,” I say to Grant.

“Yeah, go right ahead, I’ll tare you a new ass, Karber,” he says.

“See? Something is strange about him,” I say.

“Yeah, he is extremely strong, barely feels pain, and very quiet about it. I think he’d be a 

The End

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