“Okay, you the boys from Quasar who called earlier?” He asks and looks back at the computer and starts typing.

“Yup,” Grant says.

“All right, the bounty is worth one-hundred and fifty,” I’ll go get my boss to write it out. The money is actually from the private group who wanted him caught. They just handed us the money to pay out once he’s in our possession.

“Can you tell us who listed the bounty?” Sine asks.

“No, I can’t give out any information about that. Sort of strange, if you ask me. I heard about this guy, too. You were chased down by a federal chopper. They said they thought they killed you but they didn’t find a body. So, they put a bounty on your head I guess,” the officer explains as he read something on the computer.

“Doesn’t make any sense. Thanks anyways ,” I say.

“You did a damn good job, though. There were dozens of freelancers and a few other officers looking for him. Thanks for the help with our workload,” he says and nods.

“No problem,” Grant says.

“Sir, come with me,” another officer came up and says to Eighty-Six. “I want you to wait in this room over here until pick up.

“I’ll be right back,” said the officer at the computer and he gets up and walks to an office room towards the back of the building.

“One Hundred and fifty bucks? What the fuck!?” Grant exclaims while trying to keep his voice down at the same time. Eighty-Six s being escorted to some waiting room while we stand there and wait. The precinct is huge and was busy with lots of people.

“No, you idiot. Grand. One-hundred and fifty grand!” Sinewy nudged him.

“Oh. Good shit!” Grant laughs.

“Shut up. We’re not done,” I whispered.

“Okay, so, here’s your check Can’t believe you guys got one of them so easily. We just got orders to find several men who are highly dangerous. That man over there don’t look dangerous. Strong as hell looking, but I wouldn’t pin him as some sort of a threat I can tell, I’m good at reading people. Oh, well I just push papers around here anymore. Ain’t my job to judge character, just to basically write down their names,” says the officer after he hands me an envelope.

“You don’t say? Well, it wasn’t easy, but we got him!” Grant says.

“You boys know anything about him?” The officer leaned over the desk and asks quietly.

“Nope, just his name, his face, his features, measurements, and how much he was worth,” I say

“That’s all we care about,” Grant adds

“All right, I’ll let you gentlemen go. I’ve got work to do. Good job on the catch,” he says and goes back to the computer.

“Thanks. See ya!” I say as we walk out the front corridor. We exit the building in silence. I guess we’re all a little nervous being there. I don’t get along well with cops. The funny thing is about that is that I almost became one. But, that’s part of the reason why I feel that way. There’s crooked people on both sides of the law. Most people already know that, but I had to learn the hard way. I think the reason why Sine, Grant, and I want out of this so badly is because our infractions weren’t bad enough for the sentences we’ve been given. With the economy as bad as it is, crime rates are at record highs and people signing up to become officers are at an all time 

The End

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