Bait and switchMature

“Why don’t we listen to some music?” I say.

“Fuck yeah, sounds good to me. Tired of you guys treading on my ego every time I say something,” Grant whines.

“You do it to yourself. You’re always talking about drugs, sex, and a bunch of shit you never ever did,” Sinewy retorts.

“You don’t know what I did or didn’t do,” Grant adds.

“That’s why we’re sick of hearing it,” Sine moans.

“Whatever. Music time,” I say and turn on the CD player.

I drive through town to the Northern West part of town and reach the on ramp to the highway and head South to Newark. Why we couldn’t just drop him off somewhere at the precinct here, I don’t know. I’m not sure if we can really help Eighty-Six. I hate making false promises. Bad blood usually follows soon after. But, I guess we can try if we get dealt the right cards.


We make it to Newark at around two in the morning and walk up the stairs of the police station. We stand there for a moment and think about how we’re going to find him again once we turn him in for the money. I think Grant could care less what we would do. It’s his usual attitude. Sinewy is the more honorable one. He doesn’t like going back on his word either. I’m standing here looking at them with the debate on my mind. We barely know this guy. What should we do?

“We doing this?” Grant says quietly.

“Yeah,” I nod.

“Well, let’s go!”

“I’m worried,” I say.

“Don’t,” says Eighty-Six. “I think I can handle this. Give me your phone number and some money. I’ll call you from a pay phone once I make it back out.”

“What? How do you plan on getting back out on your own? It won’t be easy,” Sine wonders.

“Don’t worry. Just hold up on your end of the deal,” he says.

It began to drizzle and we saw a few policemen walk out of the front glass doors and come down the steps.

“Excuse me, do you have a pen I could barrow?” Sinewy asks.

“Sure thing, pal,” one of the officers say and hand him a pen.

“Give me your arm,” Sine says to Eighty-Six.

“Okay,” he says and Sine writes our cell phone number on his forearm.

“Thank you,” Sine says and hands the pen back. The officer nods and catches up with the other two men.

“Here’s a fifty. Should hold you over until we meet again,” Sine says to him.

“Thanks, guys,” Eighty-Six replies as he takes the cash.

“No, thank you!” Grant Smiles.

“Okay. Let’s close the deal,” I say and we head up the steps the rest of the way and head into the precinct. We walk up to the front desk and we wait for the officer to finish whatever he’s doing on the computer sitting there to the side.

“Can I help you, fellas?”

“Yeah, we’d like to cash in on a bounty,” I say and I point behind me with my thumb to Eighty-Six who we had put in handcuffs before we got out of the SUV.

The End

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