job, getting my own place again, and living my own life. Tired of being a government slave,” Grant says.

“The way I look at it, no matter what happens, we’ll just be slaves to something else. Yup, everyone is a slave to something,” Sine says.

“You may be right, but at least I can choose what type of slave I am,” Grant replies.

“Wait, you guys are going to help me, right?” Eighty six asks.

“Of course we are, don’t be silly,” I say.

“Right. I hope you don’t give me the shaft. I won’t be happy,” Eighty-six tells us.

“Hey, I think everyone here already has the shaft. There won’t be no more shafting. I promise,” Grant says.

“Can we knock off the phallus references? Queers,” I say and laugh.

“You know what I mean. We’re all caught up in something we don’t wanna be in. Us three want out bad. Extremely bad. Eighty six, we know you want out, too. Let’s do this and get our lives back. It’s the perfect plan,” Sine says.

“What if it backfires?” Sine wonders.

“I don’t know. Cross your fingers?” I say back to him.

“Where’s the SUV?” Grant says.

“I think its just around the corner,” Sine replies. We are about two blocks away from the bar at this point.

“There it is. I call shotgun!” Grant shouts.

“Well, I sure as hell ain’t driving, then,” Sinewy whines.

“I’ll drive,” I tell them as we walk up to the black SUV. It was lent to us by Quasar. I walk out into the street around the vehicle and open the driver’s side door.

“You know where it’s at?” Sinewy asks.

“Don’t gotta know,” I point to the GPS system on the dash.

“Oh, forgot about that,” he says from the back seat.

“You know they’re planning on releasing those GPS driven vehicles soon? You say a destination and it’ll take you there all by itself. Crazy ass world we live in,” I say as I start the car.

“Really? I thought they weren’t going to do it? Thought automotive and insurance companies thought it was a too high of a risk to make cars that drive themselves,” Sinewy replies.

“Guess they changed their minds. They say it could replace taxi cabs, trucking, and other transportation jobs and save companies some big bucks,” I add and pull out of park and head down the street.

“Just another way for the government to control us. I bet they’ll put a cap in how many miles we can drive a day if that happens,”Grant says and shakes his head.

“Wouldn’t doubt it. They said all vehicles must have internal GPS driven units by year twenty-thirty-seven.  They’ve been working on this idea since two-thousand and nine. They say accidents would be a part of the past once the switch is made,” I say as I keep an eye on the road and the GPS screen.

“Damn, dude. I could get laid while being escorted from the bar!” Grant laughs.

“The car won’t do that. Sorry, Grant,” I say.

“Why you guys always picking on me? Why all the hatred? Haters!” Grant asks.

“Kills time,” Sinewy says.

The End

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