The planMature

bartender pours the beer.

“Twenty-six fifty,” says the bartender and he takes the card from Karber and swipes it.

“Thanks, for the booze, Uncle Sam!”Grant says and slams the rest of his drink down.

“What’s your plan, Karber?” Sine says impatiently.

“Just hold on. Tell me your story, Eighty-six. How did you end up wanted by the feds?” Karber asks me. I could see the bartender looking at us weird.

“I have no clue. I woke up with my stomach split open. These doctors were operating on me and I freaked out. They sedated me and woke back up later with a bunch of guys in military transport vehicle and I escaped with them. Half of them got gunned down, run over by cars, some of them got away like me, but I didn’t get away without a scratch. I walked into town after the chopper flew away and then I got shot again by you guys,” I explain. I’m getting tired of telling this story. I want answers so bad. “The worst part of it, that’s all I know about myself.”

“Like I said earlier, you’re a part of a project. It’s all supposed to be hush-hush but we’ve been learning a little about the entire ordeal. We’ve been hired to do some federal dirty work and I’m getting sick of it,” Sinewy says back.

“You said it.  May I have another, please?” Grant agrees and then asks the bartender.

“Round two, Gentlemen?” He asks and Karber and Grant nod.

“Which is why I have come up with a plan. You’re running from the feds, we work for the feds and we don’t want to anymore. So why don’t we help each other with that?” Karber asks.

“What do you have in mind?” Grant asks.

“Bait and switch,” Karber says.

“Huh?” Sinewy’s voice box vibrates.

“I say we take him in, right? Get the bounty money, then help him escape!”

“Haha, that’s a shit plan.  It will never work. You’re talking a maximum security prison and we wouldn’t know which one he’d be taken to, anyways!” Grant grumbled.

“You don’t know if he’s going to be taken to a prison at all, Grant. He didn’t do anything but run out of confusion. He’s wanted for different reasons than a convict,” Karber explains.

I rub my head, stare at the drink and decide to have a taste.

“He ran. He can be convicted for running,” Sine added.

“I’m not so sure about that. He didn’t do anything wrong,” Karber replies.

“He probably signed up for what he went through. Some military assignment or some shit. Isn’t that illegal running away from like a boot camp?” Grant wonders.

“Well, if you put it that way, maybe,” Karber shrugs. “I still think this is a great idea. Tired of working with you guys. No offense,” He adds.

“Likewise, and none taken!” Grant laughs.

“Ditto,” Sinewy says.

“Are we gonna try it, then?” Karber asks.

“You really think it’ll work?” Sinewy asks back.

“Only one way to find out, really,” Grant adds.

They look at each other, look at me, then at each other again.

“You in or out?” Karber asks me.

“In I guess. Got nothing to lose, right?” I respond.

“I’d think about it if I were you. We’re not exactly professionals,” Sine warns me.

“They aren’t, but I am!” Grant flexes his right arm.

The End

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