The most laid back huntersMature

know he could, look at the size of his arms, man!” Grant says and I look myself over and then I look at them. That’s when I realized I did look a little different. My posture and my attributes seemed odd compared to them.

 “You’ve gotta tell us your story, bro,” Karber tells me.

“There’s not much to it. I don’t even know my own name,” I inform them. They start walking down the street.

“Come on, big guy, maybe we can work together on something. I have an idea,” Karber smiles and waves me over to them.

“What? What are you scheming up, Karber?” Grant nudges him and speaks quietly.

“Just hear me out when we get there,” he says.

“If we’re going to the bar again, lets not let it get out of hand like last time,” Sinewy told them.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Grant whines.

“I’m serious. I don’t want to go back to jail!” he adds.

“You won’t. Trust me,” Karber smiles at Sinewy and stops as we get to the corner and wait for the light to change.

“Where is there a bar, anyways?” Grant says.

“Right over there,” Karber points at a building a half a block away and we start walking again.

“Ah, man, I’m in the mood for some tail,” Grant moans.

“We’re not going to the zoo,” Sinewy says in a smart tone.

“Funny. You need an oil change, motor mouth? I got a special grade just for you,” Grant says and makes a gesture like he’s wacking off.

“Don’t make me raise my voice,” Sinewy says.

“Go ahead, do it, I wanna see you bust all the glass on this storefront window with your screeching,” Grant laughs.

“Don’t make fun of Sine’s voice-box, Grant, you know he get’s pissy,” Karber intervenes.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, Sine, I’m just messing with you,” Grant mocks him.

“Whatever, chump,” Sinewy says as he opens the front door of the bar and I here the bell at the top jingle.

“I love that sound, reminds me of home,” Grant laughs. As soon as we walk in we here loud rock music playing from a jukebox. The place wasn’t exactly packed but there were plenty of people there. I felt pretty uncomfortable in my condition and now I’m exposed to a bunch of strangers who keep looking at me like I was some sort of freak.

“Now, let’s not stay here too long. We don’t want a repeat of the other night,” Sinewy says.

“We get it, already, damn. Can I have a beer, please?” Grant says as he sits down on a bar stool. The bar was a tiny one that happened to have an inn right next door. Probably owned by the same people. The lay out consisted of the front bar with about sixteen stools, a huge selection of different drinks on racks and shelves against the west wall, about ten round tables that could sit about four people were in the middle of the room, six tables with the L-shaped seats against the walls around squar tables that could sit about six people, the juke box was at the front door, and four pool tables lined the very back of the room. Four ceiling fans lined up next to each other from the back to the front, several neon beer sines had hung on the walls, a few posters of women posing with certain brands hung from the brick walls as well. We all sit down towards the back 

The End

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