Oddities like theseMature

“Why aren’t you rolling on the ground screaming in pain? We shot you!” Grant asks.

“We!? You did it. Don’t blame the rest of us!” Karber said to Grant and stood back.

“I’m sorry, man! I’m fucking tired, I didn’t feel like chasing him!” Grant exclaims.

“There are protocols we must follow if we’re gonna work for Quasar!” Karber flails his hands out in anger. “You can’t shoot them unless they are a threat to your own life!”

“Who cares, he’s still alive, right? He’s acting like he don’t even feel it!”

“Oh, my god! You’re an idiot,” he laughs.

“Shouldn’t we restrain him somehow?” The guy with the black shirt says.

“Yeah, okay, after you, Sine! Go right ahead! I’m not even telling the boss we ran into him.  Fuck this!”

“Why aren’t you running away, man? There’s no way we can take you.  Aren’t you angry that you were shot?” Sine asks me.

“It hurt at first but the pain went away. And, as far as running, I don’t know where to run to,” I tell them.

“Man, if I was shot, I’d be wanting to fuck someone up!” Karber says and laughs.

“Don’t encourage him! You see what he did!” Grant says.

“Well, it did hurt,” I say and look at Grant. He gave me a nervous look.

“You’re from the Evolver project, aren’t you?” Sine asks.

“The what?” Grant asks.

“I don’t know anything. I told you. I woke up in a military APC with a bunch of other men who were just as confused as I was. We woke up tied to the walls and everyone wanted to escape. They beat holes into the walls until they broke free.  I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to run when the chopper showed up. They were gunning down the others from the sky and they got me too, but for some reason, I’m still alive. I don’t know how many times I was shot,” I explain.

“Yup, we’re probably working for them and don’t even know it. I’m sure the whole thing is supposed to be kept under wraps,” Sine explains. “One Forever was a medical research firm that disappeared off the map about four or five years ago. They went public talking about curing major diseases and promised to do so if enough money was invested into Martian colonization. One Forever and NASA came up with a package deal for the world. If we found a way to deal with overpopulation by sending a certain percentage of men and women to Mars once the project began, then One Forever would come out with the cure all.”

“Blah, blah, blah, politics, blah, blah, blah, Sinwey’s monotone voice, blah, blah, blah, I want a beer!” Grant walks over to the wall of the building next to us and leans on the wall. He lifts up his shirt and shoves his gun between his waist and jeans.

“Can I shoot him?” Karber asks.

“Go ahead,” Sinewy laughs.

“Yeah, bullshit, you won’t shoot me, you need me to do my share of the work,” he says.

“You’re a lucky bastard that I do,” Karber laughs.

These guys are strange, I think to myself.

“So, are you guys going to kill me?” I stand hunched over with my arms at my sides.

“No, we really don’t have a reason to. You’re a strange one though, I’ve never seen anyone get shot and not get mad about it,” Karber says. “Let’s go to the bar. Grant, by this man a drink!”

“I guess I do owe him. A bullet didn’t stop him and he hasn’t disemboweled me for it. I 

The End

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