“You know, sacrifices have been made for the benefit of mankind throughout history. It wouldn’t be any different now. If you could cure cancer, you would expect a few failed experiments. If you come out and say people could live forever, someone eventually will feel lied to. We humans kill for stupid reasons. Stupid mistakes, anger, revenge, religion, politics, the list could go on and on. It happens, don’t hate yourself for it,” I remind him.

“But, it’s not our place to play god,” he replies.

“And, that’s just your opinion. I read your journals, Thompson, I love you ideas. If you didn’t think like me, you wouldn’t have had those ideas in the first place. You and I are the same,” I inform him.

“You don’t own me. You can’t tell me which project should go into trials and production,” He says.

“I don’t have to tell you.  You feel the same way I do, I could see it on those pages. The video tapes of the projects you’ve condoned and endorsed before anyone knew your name. The way you spoke of mankind and where we are heading. It’s almost poetic,” I reply.

“If you want poetry, go read a poetry book. There is nothing poetic about releasing something that would change the world into something evil. We wouldn’t be human anymore. There is no telling what man would do with these abilities. Power corrupts!”

“Show me what you see, then I’ll show you what I see. I’ll change your mind. Give me what I want and I’ll give you what you want. A perfect symbiotic relationship,” I remind him.

“Fine.  You want to see? I’ll show you! But, don’t blame me if you want to rip your own eyes out after you see what wrong it can do!” He says, getting angry.

“Great! I can’t wait! With enough time, I’m sure you could perfect the project. I don’t understand why you’re so afraid. Just trust me, doctor, you’ll see!” I push a button on the ledge by the window in front of me to lower the window that leads to the front of the limo. “Driver, head to Cape May Point!”


The End

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