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think he likes where this is going. I don’t see what the big deal is. The United States could be back on top again with a new arsenal of genetically altered troops. Edgar drinks about a quarter of his lager and leans back while he runs his hand through his thinning grey hair.

“You could have fooled me, honey, how does a sweet girl like you end up single?” I say and take and grab a fork. She smiles very brightly and blushes and puts her serving tray under her arm and her opposite hand rests on her hip.

“Well, you haven’t been in New Jersey very long have you, sir?” She laughs.

“Can we get on with this?” Edgar says.

“I’m sorry, I’ll let you two eat. Let me know if you need anything,” she says and shakes her head and laughs quietly as she walks away.

“How rude,” I pretend to act appalled.

“You want me to provide for you a way to make stronger soldiers?” He asks.


“Tell them to take a multi-vitamin, eat lots of things rich in iron,” he says and laughs.

“Doctor Thompson, I didn’t come here for a lesson on the food pyramid. You’re mocking me, now. Not very nice,” I continue eating.

“Scientists compete with god with every new discovery we find. However, what happens when we win? Can we really win? If we go too far I believe we’ll just want to go back to the start and forget everything we’ve learned. Not everything we know is good for us,” he began. “Forced, pyschic driven, or newly chosen evolution, whatever you want to call it, would be the end of man-kind as we know it. We wouldn’t be human anymore. We’d lose everything that makes us who we are.”

“But, we’d gain so much more! Don’t you see the beauty of your own discoveries?” I say after swallowing a bite of ravioli.

“Don’t you see the danger?”

“Every man who tried flying broke a few bones until they got the right design! You can’t go back on something as big as this. What if the Wright brothers gave up after the first try? Hell, it would have taken me days just to get here! What you had gotten involved in back then may have been the most important scientific discovery to date and you don’t want people to know about it. What is so dangerous about it?” I beg for an answer.

“Yeah, I was just as enthralled at you at first. But, I saw with my own eyes what happened to the specimen and I don’t want the world to match the controlled experiment. If it falls in the wrong hands then the consequences would be tragic!” He says as he’s cutting his food up. He stabs a piece and raises it up. “It wouldn’t just change man, it would change man’s mind.”

“I bet you that could be avoided. How bad do you want the first man on Mars?” I ask.

He puts his fork down and looks at me. “More than you could imagine. This world needs goals. This world needs something to come together for. Look at us, Reinhardt.  We’re sick with power, strength, knowledge, and so many of us with so many dreams and aspirations and we’re running out of space to make them happen! We’re all dying to do something great! To leave something better behind for our offspring!”

“Don’t you think I’m sick of having troops sent out to war everyday to have a quarter of them sent back in body bags? Don’t you think if we could get back on top as world power that the US could finally put an end to terrorism? That if we could fend for ourselves better against the evil regimes overseas we could fix the world for good? Create a perfect system? If we could show the rest of the world how great our sciences are that they’d stop carrying guns and start 

The End

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