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people are hacking themselves. I’ve heard the term ‘biohacker’ coined. It didn’t always have a negative connotation, however, it started with small experiments like how to remove DNA from a skin sample or watching the process of cell division under a microscope to teenagers messing with their own code of life in their basements and charging their friends that want ‘enhanced’. It was in the paper the other day where police found a fifteen year old who tried finding stems cells in his pet Labrador. The child’s pet died and the boy was charged with animal abuse. What happened to the days where kids just sat around on the internet watching funny viral videos? Leave this kind of science to the experts for Christ’s sake!

I’m a pretty religious man. We committed the original sin when Eve bit the apple and shared it with Adam. Yeah, the whole story may have been a fable like the rest of the stories, but it taught a lot of us that we have been given the right to choose our own paths and pave it with whatever the hell we please.  It seems to me that we’re biting that apple again. Dealing with information and technology that’s leaking out to those who don’t have the brains to use it right. What if the right information, the right code for the right virus gets out where a new genetic holocaust comes about? With any good technology comes bad technology. I would know. I’m in the killing business, myself.

Today, I spoke briefly with Dr. Edgar Thompson, one of the lead researchers and CEO of One Forever Incorporated and asked him to meet with me to discuss over lunch what his company’s plans are. If the research is found to be useful, I’ll make sure they get the financial backing they need.



“Good afternoon, Mr. Reinhardt. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Dr. Thompson shook my hand, smiled, and sat down in front of me at a table at a small Italian restaurant in the middle of Trenton, New Jersey about an hour from the One Forever building at Cape May Point.

“Same to you, Dr. Thompson. Is the food good here? I love Italian. It’s been ages since I’ve been to a restaurant like this. I can’t wait to eat,” I laugh.

“I’ve been here a few times. It’s pretty good,” He says.

“Hello, gentlemen, are you ready to order or do you need more time?” A waitress says after Thompson sat at his seat.

“Hmm, the ravioli looks tasty.  I’ll have some of those, please,” I say.

“Good choice, and you, sir?”

“May I have a stromboli, please?” The doctor asks.

“Sure. Sausage, ham, cheese, mushrooms, onions and sauce?” She replies.  

“Yes, sounds very good.”

“Okay, and what would you like to drink?” Says the waitress.

“Coffee, please,” I say.

“All right, and you sir?”

“Lager,” the doctor says.

“I like your style,” I add and laugh.

“Okay, dokey, then.  I’ll be right back,” she smiles and walks off with the menus.

“I bet you didn’t imagine I’d be the one to meet with you to talk business,” I say and smirk.

“Ah, well, this is very true,” he chuckles. “I thought maybe a representative from  some college may be interested to open a new field of work or maybe a bank might see it worthwhile. 

The End

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