people didn’t work hard enough to pay off their debts, and for some, even their forefather’s debts. China and a few other parties who helped us decades ago, are getting sick of waiting for their money and they’ve turned their backs. They’re threatening to stop all trade and other ties with the US. They said, if we don’t pay them back in seven years, there are going to be consequences. I see a country of dreamers who miss the good old days and just won’t wake up.

So, I’ve thought about this, long and hard, about where we could find answers. I’ve been keeping my eye on a corporation that had been given the rights to experiment on humans as far as genetics goes. They claim to have a working blue print for immortality, to cure all diseases, and to bring forth the next world wide renaissance. One Forever hasn’t come out with their plans yet, but I have my ways of findings things out. They’ve got close ties with NASA and so do I.  Therefore, I hear a lot through a few contacts there at NASA about One Forever’s plans. Until they are ready to unveil them publicly, I’ll keep prospects on them and sit tight. At the moment, I’ve got enough on my plate.

Several companies are asking for help finding natural resources like earth metals and energy. It looks like we’ve actually over farmed the Earth of copper, gold, titanium, and other important industrial building materials. And, like I said, crude oils are getting farce and very pricey. If only there was a cost effective way to solve these problems because once resources are at an all time low, it sends an economic trickle effect down the line all the way to the regular joe that feels more like a blowhard high taxed tsunami of food shortage, inability to provide healthcare, and less governmental backing by the people. And, when the people don’t support the government, it’s like a house’s support beams giving out.  That’s why I’m all about the so-called common folk. That’s why I worry! That’s why I’m searching for answers just like everyone else!

It all comes down to what happens first: Someone who can discover a good platform to save the human race from cold wars that are about to go hot, extinction of half the populous to leave room for regrowth and better times after bloodshed (in other words, let the forest burn and let nature do its thing) or maybe something totally off the wall and unexpected. I really hope I don’t need play the troop card and fight for what resources are left. We’re all afraid someone will want to expand into other territories to save their own. It could be the industrial form of Darwinism. Natural selection. The strongest survive. I mean, consider the source; we are animals through and through no matter how smart we get we’ll still need to fight for survival.

One Forever is trying to get ahead in research for a better tomorrow. They specialize in genetic therapies and pharmaceuticals. Afer I found out they merged with NASA (they still remain separate business entities but share a financial cess pool) I found out that they’re preparing for something pretty big. But, is their plans best for humanity? I question if their dreams, as good as they look on paper, could actually benefit the human race or just put us in a bigger hole? Maybe their research can be used in different areas. Maybe we can improve a soldier’s ability to perform or even the everyday worker for that matter.

There are several upcoming companies, corporations, and groups of people with big plans and ideas. Mecha Inc. is working on the next generation of robotics to fill in for high risk jobs like window washers, skyscraper and bridge welders, coal miners, natural gas and oil drillers, seismologists who can’t go underground in risky areas, rescue mission workers, and such. Automotive companies are working on making satellite driven cars that don’t need anyone behind the wheel.  You can say your destination and the vehicle will take you there.  Even changes in what hobbies people take up are changing the face of mankind. Home brewed genetic research has become the next scariest thing people are doing. Instead of hacking computers, 

The End

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