Chapter Three: ReinhardtMature

Chapter Three


Narrated by: Commander and Chief Samuel Reinhardt

January 9th, 2030


It’s an interesting age we live in. Seems like the rate of prosperity and change is growing and occurring daily. Though, the height that which the rich make their gains is directly correlated to how low the poor score in our financial systems. That’s a common schematic that never changes. As much as the little guy is needed, they’re still replaceable.  It’s like a chaste system, a monetary food chain, and it makes me sick. Now, I’m high up on this chain, why should I have any care whatsoever about those less fortunate? I’ve got my multi-million dollar home, I’ve got my private jet, my dozens of classic vehicles in my private garage that would make any collector salivate uncontrollably. Why does it matter to me that Joe Shmoe is suffering? Because, I’ve still got a heart, as desensitized as it should be, I still believe in equality.

Something needs to happen to equal out the playing field. The economy has gotten to the point where taxpayers money each week doesn’t even put a dent in the national debt. Everybody in the US who still works keep making the same mistakes.  Getting loans they can barely afford, maxing out their credit cards, meanwhile they deal with their woes in several forms of escapism. Spending their extra cash on things they don’t need like a one hundred dollar pair of shoes, five hundred dollar watches, cigarettes that they know they don’t need to keep smoking, and drinking alcohol like it’s a form of religion as a few examples. It’s always barrow, buy, barrow, buy and then who gives a fuck about the consequences.

Which, brings me to the subject of democracy.  It’s a good thing as long as there is a healthy amount of government control. This country has been running on rusting rails and we’re getting off track and no one really seems to care about who does what and everything is just backwards. Everyone bitches about how the president is doing, complaining about bills that when they go into effect, they raise more taxes to help schools, businesses, hospitals, the department of transportation, the list goes on and on. Meanwhile, people are getting lazier and lazier and lazier. No wonder the unemployment rate is sky high. Back when things were good, a lot of people had the attitude that no matter what happens, someone will hand them money, some government foundation will fork over other people’s money to eat, meanwhile people who really need the money can’t get it now because dumb fuck’s who didn’t want any responsibilities raped the system with their false claims and bogus injuries. Not many get to retire these days.  Not many get to know why it’s called the golden years. Ever since markets declined, people were told to work harder, do the work of two employees, more hours so business can survive, monopolies pop up here and there, and all of a sudden we’re paying six dollars for a gallon of milk, seven for a gallon of gas, and an average of four dollars for a loaf of bread. I have a sincere worry for the human race.

The Nation has been torn apart, our people are separated by their inability to work together. Mind my own business, do enough to survive, fuck everyone else, seems to be the attitude now. Sure, there are still pure hearts out there, but I’m beginning to feel like the devil’s advocate for a few billion people. Now, we’re on the brink of war, because of attitudes, because 

The End

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