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could get this under way. We could finance so much out of our own pockets but if would only cover research time and facility costs. I feel like we’re fishing for whales with a fifteen pound test fishing line and rod. Even if some investor bites, will we be able to reel them in? Half of me is sure of it, half of it I highly doubt. This world needs a good change, though, and I believe we’re fighting for a good cause.

“Great speech, Mr. Thompson,” Seagraves said and smiles then pats me on the back.

“No sweat,” I say and jokingly wipe off my forehead and he laughs.

“Did you hear the good news?” He asks.

“No, what is it?”

“The commander and chief is looking for you. He asked to meet you in person. He says he likes what we’re about. He wants to talk business,” Seagraves explains.

“The what?” I ask.

“The commander in chief. I believe his name is Samuel Reinhardt.  I’m not sure why the military wants to get involved,” he added.

“Does seem kind of strange.  Does he want to invest?” I wonder.

“He didn’t say much.  Just introduced himself, said he knew I was a part of One Forever, and told me he’d like to speak with the man in charge over a cup of coffee,” he says and hands me a slip of paper with his contact information.

“Good deal,” I say and smirk, staring at the paper.

“I thought so, too,” he laughs. “I wonder how they knew I worked for you, though.”

“It’s the government, Jack, they know a lot.”

He raises his left eyebrow.

“Come on, let’s find the others and go home. We need to get home and get rested up.  I have a feeling that we’re going to be busy as hell,” I pat him on the back.



The End

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