Manifest DestinyMature

“Manifest destiny was argued to be a god given right to man to travel and settle across Earth. What do you have to say to those who believe we shouldn’t settle on an alien planet?” ABC news reporter asks.

“I say, look around. Have you been in a crowded elevator? You want to live like sardines all your lives trapped in a five by five apartment space? That’s where we are heading at the current birth rate. And, the thing is, yeah, it wouldn’t be much better living in a biodome the size of New York City with the same amount of people, but as time goes on, we can expand. And, I eventually, we won’t need the biodomes. We have the technology to change the Martian atmosphere once we can start releasing oxygen and water on the planet. It would take a thousand or few years, but we could make Mars look just like Earth over time. So just think about how the way things are now. We’re too crowded,” I explain.

“Why Mars? Why don’t we just push to create human habitat in our oceans?” The CNN reporter asks.

“We’ve thought about that and because of the extinction rate of so many land animals and the problems we’ve already harrassed too much our ocean dwelling animals and plants thanks to our inability to dispose of plastics, used up oil products, and other wastes, we’re afraid of designing ocean homes for the same reason,” I explain.

“You seem to have a good answer for everything. Is there anything you are afraid of personally that could bring the project to a halt?” Asks the Fox News reporter.

“Other than people giving up and staying on Earth forever, we’ve thought about everything. But, this is why I’m having you ask questions in hopes that there is something that would come about that we may have missed and need to address. We have a website up for the general public to ask questions, they can make donations, there is on-line literature for everyone to read, and educational videos to watch that can inform anyone who is interested in how we could overcome some of the problems we would face. I want everyone to think about this. It will effect you, your children, and your children’s children and so on. We can give our future offspring the heaven’s starting with Mars if only we can work together for this.” I explain. I look to the side and see another event consultant running the show waving me over and pointing at his watch.

“Well, that’s all the time I have. We will be open for more questions. Please call the one-eight-hundred number on your screens at home, folks, and vote yes for Martian Colonization!” I say and walk off stage.

“Very good speech, sir. I’m all for it,” says the same event organizer who signaled me to get off stage. He smiles and puts his hand out to shake mine.

“Thank you, kindly,” I reply.

I head off the back stage through one of the exiting doors that lead to one of the main entry ways and make my way through to where my colleagues waited just at the front steps of the conference center. We’ve planned on leaving after I had given my speech because we already know about all of the projects that are also being presented tonight at the world wide science show here in Washington, D.C.. We all keep good tabs on any research done on medicine thanks to a network of people involved at major universities both here in America and over seas. To be honest, everyone else keeps tabs on us as well.

As serious as I take this project. I highly doubt it would go underway anytime soon. The economy is at such a loss for growth and new ideas that it’s taking away everyone’s will to invest. Especially if it’s not a quick and short gain. But, how awe inspiring it would be if we 

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