Plans for MarsMature

representative asks.

“Again, we are certain that the money used to send man power to Mars would have paid back investors ten fold after industrial plans go into effect as far as an investment benefactor. When it comes to the volunteers who actually decide to move here, they will first, however, be able to tell their grandchildren that they were heroes of sparking the beginning of the Mars Renaissance. Second of all, building biodomes, creating Martian cities, and getting the world of Mars ready for others to arrive, it would allow the first wave of volunteers to get first claim of land. The value of land here on Earth is declining because of the current economical situation. As people begin to move to Mars, it will increase the value of land on both planets.” I ensure him.

“What type of government set up do you believe Mars would have if this would in fact come into effect?” The ABC reporter asks.

“I’m not a political man, myself, but I hope countries will volunteer to build embassies or places of lawful representation there. I highly doubt anyone would want Mars to become a lawless land if we’re working so hard to commit to such a feat. We’ll need people to step up and cover needs as they arrive just like people fall into a niche within business, healthcare, education, etcetera.”

“What kind of training would you expect of the common man who are willing to volunteer to start the Martian Revolution?” The reporter from Fox News asks.                                                                 

“Well, I expect the common man to be pretty uncommon in the fact that they would want to make the Martian move. At first, I can see a private movement between businesses and the people who run them who may want to give their workers a monetary incentive as they set out to create industry there. Businesses that would make the most gain would include those who may want to create the first habitats that include biodomes and sub-structures within for living quarters, livestock, and other structures. We’ll need many upon many skilled metal workers, glass blowers, communications specialists, designers, farmers, and jobs alike to be filled.”

“Is NASA and One Forever ready for some of the dangers involved in settling the red planet? What if we arrive and it’s simply too hard of conditions for the workers?” Asked a reporter from NBC.

“We are very sure we can negate any problem that would arise. We’re ready for anything. We plan to help sustain the modern man’s abilities to deal with the hardship of space travel through a few genetic altercations. As far as the trip itself to Mars, we plan on sending many ships of supplies until life is self-sustainable in the domes. As far as any medical problems, we plan on taking as many bacterial and viral samples we as we can find, but their numbers are thought to be much lower of those found here so we hope that field of study won’t be too extensive,” I explain.

“Genetic altercations? What kinds?” NBC interrogated further.

“Along the lines of keeping everyone on the Martian Expedition healthy and living long and strong, we’ve made plans to instill genetic information in the men and women volunteers so they may live longer, be stronger, and survive harsher conditions and we hope that this highly lucrative project will show society how important it is for us to do this and shed any fear they have of genetic improvements. It’s just like upgrading your computer to run faster. I’ve witnessed the test subjects improve over five hundred percent in their natural abilities after we were given the okay to use the practice on humans and there simply is no danger,” I educate them. I get a few weird looks. It seems the world needs more time to accept the fact that we are nothing more then a bag of chemical soup and electric pulses on the materialistic level.

The End

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