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overcome just about every obstacle that laid in our path. This is what life is about: Overcoming obstacles.” The video illustrated all of these things like power lines and power grid, a pharmacy’s shelves and pills going down another conveyor and being split into bottles, a reservoir next to a waste water treatment plant, and a butcher cutting up beef at a deli.

“Though, what can we do about the obstacles we face today like world hunger and over population? Overcrowded cities and too much pollution from industries cause many problems for as well as the flora and fauna on Earth. We’ve been speculative and through our research we’ve come up with a solution.”

“Over two centuries ago, scientists have made blue prints for the human genetic code for immortality. The technology was not available when the plans were drawn but today we have used the same codes to allow animals to live for five times their normal life span. We are very confident that soon we will end the death cycle for any living being in the animal kingdom. We also hope that this will include humans. The only catch is that common law must allow the practice to be done on humans.”

“Also, we’ve taken a few negatives and turned them into positives. It’s been proven possible to rewrite the genetic code of viruses for several purposes.  Viruses that cause cancer can have it’s genetic code rewritten to do the opposite: cure cancer.” A short computer engineered video shows a virus spreading through out a human body an attacking cells. Then, another figure is shown where the same virus is taken, re-written and introduced in the infected host to destroy cancer cells instead of healthy ones.

“In essence, viruses are like robots doing what they are told to do.  If we change their commands then it will change their function. When the altered virus enters a cancerous cell, which are the only ones it will be told to take over, it will eat the cell and multiply until it bursts. Meanwhile, the bursting cell releases multiple cancer destroying viruses. As soon all of the cancerous cells are gone, so is the virus.  Experiments have shown that when the bad viruses come in contact with the laboratory altered viruses, the bad viruses take on the good viruses’ traits.” Another computer generated figure shows two viruses coming int contact and sharing genetic information.”

“We’ve learned of this from the common influenza virus. Viruses become stronger by sharing genetic information and becoming ‘Super Viruses’. A few years after the scientific and medical communities found out how they do this, we were able to find the best way to combat this.”

“The use of this practice was barely used for the fear of something else.  If we were to save too many of the sick and everyone stayed healthy and lived forever, then we surely wouldn’t have enough room on this planet. So, with that said, we have two options.  Stop having offspring or move.”

“So, its up to you fellow Earthlings, should we do this?”

“We will soon be able to replace faulty organs with new ones grown from your very own stem cells located in your brain and virtually live forever. Though, we fear over population. We fear curing all of our sick if it would only cause an epidemic of extreme overcrowding and world hunger. We need the world’s thoughts, approval, and financial backing if we are to set out on our next level of manifest.”

“Just like restoring older vehicles and antique households items, we now have the technology to do so. Though, if we choose to make this our venture, we must adventure to Mars.” The lights come back on and the screen rises and I’m back on the microphone. Everyone is 

The End

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