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my best not to show it. Cameras are still flashing. I start to sweat under all the bright lights.  I take a deep breath and remind myself why I’m here. Over twenty years and we’ve finally got a shot after all the hard work.

“I want to first thank the committee that organized this event to allow me to represent my company to show you all our endeavors we’ve had for the last few decades. I am confident that what we have in store to show you tonight will be awe-inspiring and will solve many problems that we face as a nation today. In fact, we hope it will help the entire world,” I began my speech, finally shed the pre-jitters and focused.

A screen came down behind me and the lights began to dim.

“We’ve come a long way since the dawn on man-kind began it’s manifest destiny. We started in Ethiopia on the continent of South Africa and through a two-hundred thousand year journey, we’ve managed to migrate and settle roughly eighty percent of th world’s surface. It’s time we keep that tradition going,” I began.

“We’ve overcome many tragedies, cured countless diseases, endured thousands of hardships from droughts, wars, major hurricanes, earthquakes; the list could go on and on. We keep pushing through but why? I believe we were put on this Earth to do something pretty outstanding: to love, to grow, to invent, and to reshape the world. We’ve conquered this Earth and made just about every discovery we could make. The only places that remain are our oceans and our frozen continent of ant-arctica. Though, what about beyond our own Earth? Sure, we have space stations, we visited the moon, but what if we could do more? What would it take to do more?” I pause again and breath as I look around.

“NASA was successful in sending a few men and women to Mars three years ago on the first red planet expedition. The problem was that they barely made it back alive. Actually, two of them didn’t. Thanks to meteorites that cracked the hull of the ship, the loss of water and fuel, and the failure to supply ample food rations nearly killed our heroes of exploration. Upon their return, the good people of NASA looked for answers; ways to solve these problems so that they would never occur again. So, when they overheard about our company’s efforts, they included our research in their plans. However, because of some of the problems they faced, major investors were beginning to pull out. I hope what we have to show you today will change your minds so NASA may reinstate their plans to begin the next big step for mankind: the colonization of Mars,” I say and the flash photography doubles and I smile. The lights dim and I move to the side of the stage. One of the workers who are helping with the event comes in and wheels the podium behind the curtains.

“With this new research, we are on the brink of changing for the better. We just need your help!” I say and the video we have prepared for tonight begins to play.

Jazzy upbeat music plays and the narrator begins to speak, “welcome to the next big step in Manifest Destiny. One forever would like to present to you it’s major projects. We believe that if we must change the world, we must first change ourselves. Everyday, men and women work hard to keep this world going strong.” The video demonstrates the working man assembling cars, policemen driving around a city with it’s flashing lights going off, men and women tearing apart chickens on a conveyor belt, doctors performing a routine surgery and then a department of transportation crew paving a highway.

“We’ve made so many discoveries since the industrial age, since the first technological boom when the internet became a household service, and since the creation of indoor plumbing and waste water treatment, electricity,  pharmaceuticals, the list could go on and on. We’ve 

The End

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