Chapter Two: Science ProgressesMature

Chapter Two

Narrated By: Dr. Edgar Thompson

Five years ago...  January 7th, 2030



Today, is a big day. Nearly one-hundred years of research is finally getting the recognition it deserves and they’re holding a convention in D.C. just to get that. It was held up for decade after decade while people were too afraid of the new technology. But, this is a new era where people need answers to adverse problems. The sky is falling and everyone wants to hold up the heavens somehow. It’s just that I think it’s funny when we, as a human race, are afraid to budge; afraid to try something new unless all of our old ways fail. We never evolve unless we’re on the brink of an exhausting conundrum.

I’m sitting here, drinking a coffee back stage as I await a very, very important impromptu speech.  Every two seconds I see the flash photography against the walls creep in from behind the stage curtains. I hear the loud clamor of a few thousand in attendance. I can also her my heartbeat as if it were pumping in my throat.

“You’re on.  You ready?” Says one of the event coordinators who has been running back and forth backstage making sure everything was ready for the big show.

“Yeah,” my voice nearly failed to function so I nodded incase he didn’t hear me and then hard-swallowed but it doesn’t seem to help.

“Good luck, sir!” Said one of my colleagues as he rushed up to me. “Break a leg!”

“I’ll try my best,” I smiled sheepishly.

“I really hope we find some investors. We can accomplish so much with more financial backing,” he smiled. “This is the first big step for us. We will all be rooting for you out there!” Says Jack Seagraves.

“I agree. The sky’s the limit. Well, that is the limit until we’re through. This could breath life into a new form of manifest destiny,” I smiled and began to relax as he reminded me how exciting this could be if we do get financial help today.

“That’s the spirit. We’ll be a house-hold name in no time,” He replies and walks away.  “Don’t be nervous.  You can do this, Tom!”

“Hurry, sir.  It’s about to begin,” the coordinator tapped me on the back.

“Alright, alright.  I’m ready,” I say.

I walk to the corner of the stage behind the curtain and peek out. I here the host announces the starting of the event at the microphone. He talks briefly about all the projects that are going to be discussed tonight and who is here.

“First up is the representative from One Forever Incorporated is Edgar Thompson. He is the CEO and would like to share with you their plans. One Forever has a lot of great ideas for helping the economy and is currently working alongside NASA.”

He hands me the microphone and I wait for everyone to stop clapping.

“Thank you, thank you all kindly,” I say and pause for a brief moment and regain my composure.  There is a lot of people here and I got very nervous as I walked out on stage. Trying 

The End

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