Still AliveMature

“”What!?”Sixty-five couldn’t hear me.

“I said-” All of a sudden the helicopter starts firing again.  The shooter must be aiming for the tie downs holding the cylinders in place. The second cylinder ties are cut off by the bullets and it rolls off.

“Eighty-six! I think they’re firing at the ropes holding these in!” He yells.

“I know!” I shout back.

“What should I do!?”

“I don’t know!”

Bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap. The shooter keeps going at it.

The ties holding the cylinder number sixty-five was in went loose and rolled off the bed as well.

“Fuck!!” I yelled and peeked my head out to see him rolling away.

Bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, pop. The gunner stopped going for the ties and shot at the tires. The truck swivels out of control and jack-knifes. The driver couldn’t stop and the flatbed truck rolls off the road and the cylinder I was in flies off the bed.  It’s thrown down a hill and rolls so fast that the force of the spin spits me out about twenty yards.  I roll myself until I hit a tree.

Everything is getting blurry. Everything sounds far away.  I felt nothing.  No pain. I thought I was dying. After about five minutes, I begin to hear the chopper loud and clear and I regain feeling, but still no pain.  I get up and, surprisingly, I feel fine.  I rush over and hide over in some underbrush next to a stream often found next to irrigation systems throughout farms. In fact, there was a farm field about fifty yards away. I look up and I can see the chopper flying overhead waiting for the sight of me.  I look across the highway to see the edge of some town nearby. If I could escape this situation I could head into town to get away from these guys.

The pilot circles the area for about fifteen minutes and heads back.  He probably figures I was dead and he called in someone to look for a stiff. I better not wait around to see if that were true. I look myself over and I see blood stains all over so I decide to jump in the stream to wash off.  It makes it less noticeable that I was gunned down and that I’ve now got a shit ton of bullets in my back leg. Strangely, I stop bleeding, but the holes are still there. It doesn’t make any sense.

The End

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