The door opens and the light floods into the truck full of confused, angry men.

“Well, damn, they all woke up from their nap early,” said a middle aged man smoking a cigar.

“What the hell is this, man!? Why the fuck are we in this truck?” Says one of the others.

“Technically, it’s a United States Army APC. You guys signed up for a little project and you’re being sent to be trained down at a base in Florida for all kinds of neat stuff. Don’t worry about the memory loss, we will restore all your memory after the completion of your training.”

“Training for what?” One of the men say.

“You’re all becoming astronauts.  Neat, huh?” Said the man outside the back door.

“You mean, we’re going into outer space?”

“Yes, sir!” He replies.

“Well, why can’t we remember anything? We know how to talk, walk, and everything else but we don’t even know our own names!” Asks one man.

“Everything will be explained soon. I just need you guys to be patient just a little longer. We strapped you in to make sure no one got hurt during transit if you were wondering about that,” He explains.

This is bullshit. None of this sounds right.

“Should we believe him?” One man says quietly.

“I don’t know.  I don’t know anything.”

“This is shady! How do we know we’re not being kid-napped?”

“I say we get the fuck off this truck!”

We all turn to the men shouting and the door shuts behind us once again.

“Trust me!  Just a little longer!” We hear the man shout from the outside an the truck starts moving again.

Everyone moans, shouts, and hollers as the door slams shut. We all rush to sit down so we don’t get knocked around. There was about Twelve of us inside the APC and we were all damn confused.

“Does anyone know anything?” One of them asks.

“Yeah, lets gather anything we know and put it together,” says another.

“I was awake a few times before I got in here,” I say and everyone got quiet and looks at me.

“What did you see?” One asks.

“Hey, guys lets have this guy stand in front of the light so we can see him.  Who is this guy?”

“I’m number eighty-six,” I say. “I think you all have numbers, too. And, I only saw a few things and from I have seen, I’m kinda scared.”

“What the hell did you see?” The man repeated.

“Yeah!” A few men say.

“I woke up on an operation table and my abdomen was cut open. I screamed and then they sedated me to put me back under.” I say and then I see a few guys checking their stomachs.

“My god....”

“Anything else?”

“I heard a doctor talk about us being shipped soon and here we are,” I tell them.

“So we’re just some kind of cargo for something?” One asks.

“Yeah, we’re being sent to be trained for some kind of job in space.” Another says.

The End

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