The TransferMature

halls as we passed several doors before making it to an elevator. I can’t move to see who is pushing the dolly. Whoever it is probably doesn’t even know I am awake.

We are in the elevator now. I finally catch a glimpse of the person who was pushing me down the hall.  He looks like he is in the military. I can’t really see his face.  All I can see is the back of his head as he reaches around me to press a button on the elevator panel. The door shuts and we travel up a few floors and the door opens again and he pushes me out. He continues to push me through another hallway about fifty yards long.  There are no doors on this floor except for one that leads to the outside.  Just one long hallway with a what looks like a reception desk and the elevator we came out of. He wheels me up to he desk where a woman is sitting at a computer.

“Number eighty-six,”the man says.

“Okay, hurry, they are loading at the dock already,” she said.

The man pushes me through the doors and to the outside.  The sun is so bright it burned my retinas and I had to close my eyes. I couldn’t see after that and I felt very tired.  I fall back to sleep to awake again a short moment later.

Thud. I wake up on a hot metal floor of some type of truck.

“Well, that had to hurt.  Sorry, buddy!” I hear a voice say as I am being raised off the floor.

“He fell right on his face, haha. He didn’t feel it, though.  They’re all still coming out of their sleep.  Probably numb all over,” another voice replies.

I felt it, asshole, I thought to myself.

“I’d like to get some of those meds for my back. Lugging these guys around is starting to wear me down,” the first man says.

Aw, poor baby, you just let me fall on my face.

“Sign up for the program.  I heard these guys can’t feel anything now. Genetic engineering is some amazing stuff,” the second man replies.

Program? No pain?  Get real.

“Really?  I don’t think I could pay the price they pay and that’s saying a lot being a military man myself,” the first man asked.

“I hear ya, but yeah these guys will be the best of the best after their training is done,” the second voice replies.

What the hell are they talking about?

As they lift me and the dolly off the ground I see about a dozen other men tied up against the walls of the vehicle. None of them seem to be conscious. I can’t tell if they’re tied to the walls to be restrained or to be simply held upright to keep from falling over as they stand asleep. I close my eyes so I don’t alert the two men because I think they’ll sedate me again if I don’t. They take me off the dolly and prop me against the wall and tie me up to.

“Hurry up, men, we’re about to depart!  Arrival time is at fourteen hundred hours on the nose so we gotta roll!” Another man came up to the back of the vehicle and said.

“Yes, sir!” They both rushed to get me tied against the wall. By that time I was able to balance my own weight as I regained my strength.

“Alright, let’s jet,” one of the men said and then they closed the sliding back door behind them.

It’s very dark inside.  Only one ray of sunlight shines through and I can make out some other faces. None of them are familiar. The truck starts moving and I try to find a way to unfasten 

The End

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