Remote EvolutionMature

A man finds himself in the midst of a world changing event. His body is the main focus as his mind has been shattered and he fights to understand not only who but what he is. Meanwhile, it feels as if the world is chasing him.

Remote Evolution



Chapter One

Narrated by number eighty-six


March 23, 2035



I awake to the sound of voices of strangers, a breathing machine, and the beeping of some kind of heart monitor. At least that’s what I think it is. I feel my eyes open though I see nothing but shades of grey and white for a short time. Half asleep, all I keep wondering is where I am. I begin to realize as I become more coherent, not completely awake, that I can’t remember who I am.

The beeping becomes faster and faster until it’s a steady high pitched note. The voices get louder but I still can’t understand what they are saying. My eyes focus and I can make out figures of heads and hands leaning over me and touching me but I don’t understand why. I feel confused and soon it turns to anger. I take a deep breath; long deep breath and fill my lungs to full capacity and scream. It seemed as if the oxygen sprung my body to life.                       

“Sedate him!” My eyesight clears up enough to see my stomach cut open with all sorts of metallic instruments clamped on organs. There was this oval shaped metal frame that keeps me open. I am being operated on, but why?

An oxygen mask is put over my face and I fall back under. I still am conscious but I feel nothing. I can hear them talk clearly now.

“God damn scrubs! Let me show you how its done!” A voice said. It sounded like an older man. “We can’t afford to screw this up,” he went on and I could feel movement around my chest. More like a pressure. The high pitched sound returns to beeping and I feel calm.

“This is number eighty-six. He’s special to me. Don’t kill him with stupid mistakes,” the older man exclaimed.

“Yes, sir.  I’m sorry, sir,” Another man says.

“As soon as you’re done here send him to the docks for shipment with the rest of them.  Their training begins tomorrow,” he told them.

I then fall asleep again and begin to dream. I see random moments with a woman that looks familiar to me. A familiar feeling of home comes to me as well. I see her laughing as we were walking down a crowded street while holding hands. Then, I heard her speak.

“Nicholas?” She says and I can feel her next to me but I don’t see her. I start thinking about fire and I begin to see flames. I am then suddenly running into a house on fire as I hear screeching. All I hear is the crackle of wild flames and more screams.

The dream then progressed to another scene. Hearing sirens, I see bits and pieces of it driving to a hospital. I saw a woman being wheeled in on a stretcher to an emergency room.

“This is the most romantic thing I’ve seen a man do in my lifetime,” I saw a doctor say to me and I was shaking his hand. Then suddenly I saw images of the emergency room with the woman beside me in a bed.

I become conscious again. I couldn’t move my body. I was being wheeled out on a dolly through a long hallway by someone. I hear voices speak in the distance and echo throughout the 

The End

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