Another dumb boring place ,or is it?Mature

" Sir wake up we here!" Caliko is shooken violently on the beyond comforatble leather seat , on the train, his eyes open close slowly re focusing on his surroundings. He got up and shook himself off looking out the window into a field, that lead to a really depressing falling apart building. He grabs the hilt of his blade making sure it still sat there on untouched.

" Alright lets check this place out." He mumbles.His first step outside of the train he looks into the clouded sky , he also could clearly see the green tinge in the sky.

" Gloke do you have any idea what that is , because if I didn't know better , it looks like someone vomitted all over the skies."   Not exactly the most wittiest or funniest thing Caliko has ever said but it truly looked like that.

" Sir , its definetly Remnants related but I can't say why. We definelty need to find the local weather controller." 

" Fun." Caliko says.

" You three go with Gloke and help her as best as you can while the rest of us relieve sqaud 236 of duty or wake them up. Whichever come first." Caliko orders. 

" Yes sir."

Caliko planned to be a little professional until the other squad left, he hated it when he pissed off a fellow level three for his general cheeky and carefree atitude it tended to cause stupid problems. They begin to walk off into the local headquarters.

" This place doesn't seem to boring, atleast so far." He looks back at the school , it rings and its like the place exploded as students filed from everydoor running away from class. Humans thought they had it hard huh?


The End

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