The TrainMature

Shard drew the blinds open on his small cramped room with a old computer and a bed with tons of Dad junk hanging off the ceilling, and laying around on a few plastic cases that he took the liberty to snoop in last night, one was a new  hunting rifle while the other one  had another case in it locked. Shard already guessed it was another gun by the way it looked like the last case. His dad had none other love other than calamari and that was hunting, it was probably , the only thing Shard really could say he could enjoy with his dad. He looked out the window the dark overhaning clouds with the greenish tinge covered the sky. It wasn't right at all.

" Shard come one its time for school!" He yells banging on the door , Shard opens it and walks by.

" Oh already dressed huh? Breakfast Shard?"

" Don't eat it." Shard says but grabs a muffin for later while making lunch.

" Every ...."

" I know , but I feel if I eat one bite in the morning I'll puke. I'll eat this later."  Shard says showing him the muffin.

" Fine mr snotty. Do you know where your school is?"

" The bus arrives in five minutes at the top of the street, Dad. Stop worrying about me and get to work!"

" You're like your mum."

" Shutup!" The garage door opens and the rev of the corvette is easily heard through the house as it leaves.


The School was realy old the brickwalls begining to show erosion and need of repair along with the chipping pain and graffiti written all over it.  The kids that attended the school looked a little better in the school but showed the dread that building seemed to have for itself.  Shard walks up the stairs and into the building wich wasn't much better with a fake linoleuolem floors that was supposed to look like marble but turned out to look like a very interesting mixture of vomit.  Shard wasn't expecting something specail when he saw how small Willet creek was, but wasn't exactly expecting a school that needed repairs in a desperate way. He took a left into an office which suddenly felt like he was in a modern building with a blue carpet, and clean counters along with computers but could not see anyone  in site 

" Hey, I'm Shard Kenton, I think I was registerred, I just need a schedule and little direction what wing is what." He says loudly.

A scrambling from behind the counters  and loud , bang and the sound of hopping completely boggeled Shard until a very short women stood atop the spinny officer chair.

" There was no need to be so loud young man!" She says.

" Sorry didn't realize that."

" Well if you say so. Hears your schedule we've been waiting quite a while for your arrival, and the vice principal has got you a map printed."

" How kind."

" Nah you'll look like a dolt with that map, we don't see outsiders here much."

" I see." Shard says with an eyebrow raised, then leaves looking for room C206 , history. Mr Jannet.

He doesn't take long to find the room , it had four large tables with legs held up with stacks of books.  Shard decided to bite down on his disapointment ,and sat down with a group of students who rolled their eyes on his arrival. Shard could tell it was not going to be a fun few weeks trying to find out where he belongs here.  The lesson begun the teacher just asking Shard a few question befoe hastily begining on small towns apparently important history.  Shard did his best not to sleep to the teachers perfect monotone voice, but it was hard, until the building began to shake yet none of the students but Shard noticed.  A steam whistle went off just beyond the window Shard looked, and saw train tracks seeming to fall from the sky and a old fashioned steam train come to a halt.  He gasped , this was wierder then yesterday, he began to fidget.

" Mr Kenton would you care  to explain why John Miller decided to have a train built in Willet Creek , which mysertiously disapeared a hundred years ago?"  Mr Jannet asks.  The coincedence was uncanny.  He looked at the train stop and a building fell from the sky with a large sign 1812.

" The war of 1812?" He says.

" No , wrong funny the station was named that however because John Miller and all members where lost in the war."  Shard drew his attention away.

He had to check that station out.

The End

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