" Well what do you think?"  Shards Dad Charlie asks, as Shard enters his new home for the next few years.  It was a two leveled house that was packed full of variouse tools, engines parts , and dad junk as Shard likes to call it, but otherwise quite a fine home.

" Its , cozy , and unorganized." Shard pulls a motherly voice , and they both laugh.

" Eh , don't be mouthin your mum off." His dad says sternly bringing an awkward silence," How is the woman doing anyways?"

" She fine , I don't understand wh.... I mean I don't know why she made me pack this." Shard says before he asks the question why they divorced, they seemed lost without eachother, he showed Charlie an old hunting rifle.

" Oh , she is probably trying to get the guns out of the house, Shard , come on lets grab some food its been quite a distance you've travelled to get here." He says. The two obviously trying avoid the topic of mum, to Charlie it was time bomb waiting to explode within Shard, and too Shard was just irratating because they where both shying away from him and this topic.

" Alright, don't tell me where going out." He says jokingly

" Seriously your going to love this greek restaraunt the calamari is to die for." Charlie says.

" Wonderful." Shard mumbles walking out the door with his Dad.

At the front door Shard realizes that this place didn't seem to have those odd distorations or glowing or floating objects that only he can apparently see. He was both somewhat relieved , and somewhat dissapointed, he wanted to find out more about the mysteriouse objects that only he can see.

" So about school.." His dad started, and Shard gave him a hard punch ,before he climbed into the beaten up jeep with mud caked all over it. His dad see's the disbelief on his face, " I'll pay ya 500 hundred for it to be sparkling clean."

" Ha , ha, because no one else will touch it with a 30 foot pole? Please don't tell me you are taking clients in this?"  Shard says.

" Not doing that anymore, I'm a manager." His dad says happily.

" Then you really should have this thing cleaned."

" Nah, don't worry I drive that to work." He points at a sparkling corvette in the closed garage. Shards mouth dropped.

" CCCCCC can I drive that?"

" Ha ha ha, No" His dad Laughed.


After a long winded dinner over the deep fried squid that Shard's Dad probably loves more then almost anything else.  They finish and walk out the door, the sun was setting beautifully over a low mountian sending pink into the clouds and onto the nearly empty street.  Shard for a moment lost in its beauty  when a flash of black shades the sun out and instantly the sky darkens with a greenish tinge. Shard instantly felt uneasy , he had seen many wierd things , but nothing that instantly darkened the sky with a greenish tinge.

" Woah, where did these clouds come from?" His dad ask rhetorically, it began to rain.

" Lets go , I don't want to be drenched." Shard says with a strong enough voice to hide his fear.

The End

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