Caliko places the book down on the table it , was a guide for the Academy to go on missions and be a true member of the Remnant society. He laughs and put his feet up on the table, his level three insignia flashing across the eyes of his superior officers.  This was known as being cocky.

" Ha , Ha! I'm not reading that sir. I passed my level one years ago. Are you scrub monkies reading this trash?" He says calmly , just enough to irratate them. He puts his hands behind his head.

" I'm not sure what motivated you to properly join the remnant society level three , or how you got so far , but your laziness , and lack of work is being watched with a careful eye! You will be stripped of rank, if you do follow our simple demands" A level four starts yelling, just bringing a wider smile to Caliko's face. The demands where simple, write a simple report of day to to day activities for his squad that he commanded.

" Well the reason why your demands aren't being met is we are truly doing nothing." Caliko said.

" There is cleaning duties."

" Ha , we like sitting on our bottoms over that, How about I don't do paperwork and you hand me a decent job say outside of here?" Caliko said laying down his cheekiness to actually get somewhere. The superiors however look unimpressed.

" No."

" This is petty , I'm sure all of you had your times doing nothing as a level three. You guys need to loosen up, stop being kissing arse to the commanders." Caliko steps out of line infurating his superiors.

" You wanted out , well you've got baby sitting duty region 18007! , and don't your dare you neglect your duties level three!" Caliko's expression was a cross between dread, and laughter. region 18007 was rumoured most boring , and inactive place ever.

He removes his feet from the table, and walks out the door, his superiors yell for not saluting. 

" Huh, what uptight arses sir?"  Gloke says, pushing her glasses up,while  balancing a oversized hard covered book in her hand.  Gloke wasn't much of a soldier just good looking science officer to Caliko.

" Certainly , guess you overheard that all , babe."  He says smiling. A look of disgust crosses her faces but hides it know he feeds off  of others peoples distaste.

" Yes, I heard it all, shall I pack my collection of books?"

" Ha ha yeah, we might have to borrow some, atleast it gives us more time to grow , you know this is quite the oppertunity for us!" Caliko says, grabbing Gloke's waist.Gloke breaks away and finally snaps , the guy is definetly irratating.

"Seriously sir I will file a report, and how many times have I told you, that we are not together?!" She yells , and she looked so damm intimidating ,  Caliko stepped back yet he still had a grin.

" Your cute when your angry."

" And your a lost cause."  She pushes by him.

" You should , just know I was joking!"  Caliko calls.

He turns and jumps over a water , and rock filled compound picking up few essaintals before taking the fascinating old fashioned steam train to the world of humans.

The End

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