Remnants faultMature

A fifteen year old boy named Shard Kenton , is different by the fact he notices the effects of Remnants, he doesn't know what its called until a being from the Order of remnants investigates the odd happening and appearances of once dormant enemies that , Shard is only just going to find out about.

Remnants is what powers this world, It keeps it spinning, keeps reality working ,  the variouse thing percepted as laws, and keeps the stream of life flowing. Outside the Remnants society very little of the population knows of its existance. The Remnants society is a group of beings or people called Shadows that make sure that all the Remnants are still working, and also keeping watch for beings driven to eat or destroy remnants. They have amazing abilities to dispatch of these creatures, with a weapons. Most of the time their abilities come with an attachment to weapon such as a sword , axe , bow, and gun. Shadows are their own race but do not look entirely different than human except they are born in the society , and they have remnants in them.


The End

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