Mojave Night (Incomplete)

         However, these days died along with the past and we are obligated to focus on the present now. Falling stars and the White Pieces covered the night sky, gleaming in the dark. The night brought a chilly breeze with it and settled down over us. “Hey Jack look at the White Pieces” Ariel jumped, seemingly happy. “Yeah, they’re wonderful” I said, staring into the sleeping sky. The White Pieces are something I still do not quite understand. I read on a newspaper that something strange had crashed on the moon, making a big part of it shatter in pieces. Many theories suggest that whatever happened to the Moon was the main cause for the Disaster. The pieces of the shattered Moon however, stayed on Earth’s Orbit and they now rest near their old self, still gleaming in the night. I am still not sure what an orbit is, but I am sure I knowledge will come with time.

The End

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