How it All Started

The war sirens were used in the early days of the Disaster to prophet the next wave of catastrophic events. The Disaster initiated with a series of wars all over the world. The TV aired live shows with Catholic priests preaching about the Apocalypse and they would read John’s Revelation once a week. Almost every country was quickly turned into a battlefield, when fanatic believers of religion rushed out of every temple one night, to burn down entire buildings in order to indicate that the Apocalypse was getting close. Some believers would climb up in churches in the night and sound the seven trumpets of the Apocalypse. However, they would never stop there. They knocked on people’s doors to ask them if they supported their cause and would burn the house of everyone who did not down to ashes, while recruiting everyone who did.       The police force could not face this paranoia, as the Religious would obliterate anyone who made any attempts to stop them. Then the Army interfered as a last resort to end the madness. The sirens would go off every day at midnight, when the Religious would make their appearance and they still go off every night to this day, because every day is now a catastrophe. But the madness did not stop there. The movie-like events with the Religious continued for more than a year, but then something inexplicable happened. A series of physical disasters devastated almost every living inch of the world map. The natural disasters began with unsettling loud knocking noises from the sky, which turned out to be monstrous storms and hurricanes that wiped out entire states and cities. After the storms, a series of tidal waves, nuclear leakage and earthquakes occurred. The world had never before seen such plight in just a couple of weeks. Those were the days when the Religious would gather around city squares and pray, falsely believing that they would find redemption. However, nature would not show mercy to them and most gatherings resulted in violent deaths of hundreds of fanatics.

We lost most of our people during the natural disasters. I was located in Paris with my late parents when the Apocalypse occurred. People had opened up the catacombs and swarmed inside them to protect themselves from death’s pitiless spread. This is when I first met Ariel, seven years ago. She was on vacation with her parents, as I was. Ever since the peak of the Eiffel tower collapsed, she never stopped following me. Our parents went missing in the chaos of the wreckage those days and are still missing. We forced ourselves to turn our hearts into stone and accept the fact that they were now in a better place, resting.

When we flew back to the United States with the Emergency airline, the Disaster was at its peak, the third and final to this day wave, with the outbreak of a horrid plague taking place. From every cemetery, from every crack on the surface of the world, the dead had risen to avenge their deaths, feeding on innocent people’s souls. The bites that they did and the scars that they caused would result in a three day illness and eventually death. But everyone who perished from this plague would not stay dead. They would be reincarnated as one of the living dead.

We spent years living in terror, not knowing where death would come and reach out to us. Remaining survivors would form nomads and travel from place to place, but very few of them accepted me and Ariel, for we were 13 years of age at the time. How on Earth did we manage to survive seven years with very few nomads that perished or disappeared in the blink of an eye, throughout our adolescence and young adulthood still remains a mystery to me.

The End

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