remixed fairytales (Cinderella)

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The modern version

Cinderella had a hard childhood, living in a council flat in south London was hard enough but with two vain stepsisters and a stepmother who makes her work like a donkey it's a diffrent story.   

So let's start the story. The local highschool was holding a one off disco that ANYONE  could go to, the whole family got invited but prunella (stepsister one) hid the invite.Cinderella wanted to go so badly she cryed herself to sleep and then with a lousy poof of smoke a drag queen apeared and said

"Cinderella you shall go disco, come on lets put you in in a skin tight cocktail dress, and slap some chemicals on your face and squeeze your feet into some glass shoes"

"Really mr drag queen " said cinderella full of glee

"No MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH" lauhged the drag queen fairy.


The End

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