It's hard to leave the past behind when it always catches up to you...

Claudia, Lionel, Daniel, and Sarina are prepared to tackle the summer and one final year of high school. But when unforeseen problems break up their friendships and old wound open up, the future begins to look uncertain.

This is the sequel to the story Forgotten Attraction, which can be found here:

It was sunset. There were people littered around the beach, though at this time of the day it was mostly couples.

There was one couple in particular. 

They seemed young, possibly teens-early twenties. Either that or just mature for their age. The young man’s hair was a bright blonde, it it was hard to decipher the young lady’s hair in the fading light but it seemed to have a reddish tinge.

The two were obviously very in love, lost in each other despite the beauty of the setting sun around them. They came to a stop near an outcropping of rocks.

There in the sand was written “L loves C” with a heart around it. The young lady smiled at this and leaned up to kiss him. However, the young man dropped to one knee. He pulled a small black box out of his pocket and opened it, revealing a delicate diamond.

The young lady gasped and stood there a moment in shock before gently nodding her head yes. The young man stood with a grin and slid the ring onto the young lady’s finger before pulling her into a sweet, loving kiss.

Just on the other side of the rock outcropping stood another couple. They seemed to be just a bit younger then the first pair of lovers and looked oddly similar.

They too were holding hands. The male teenager’s hair, for these two were quite obviously still teens, was a shade darker then the previous one, and the girl standing beside him had bright red hair that could not be mistaken, even in the fading light.

The girl gave a small smile at the scene she had just witnessed. She glanced up at the boy beside her, who looked at her in return. She leaned up for a kiss herself and turned, pulling the boy along with her to give the newly engaged couple a bit more privacy.

They soon found a spot on top of a sandy hill and the boy spread a blanket out for them to sit on. He took a seat and the girl sat close to him. She took his hand and laid her head on his chest. They sat there in comfortable silence and watched as colors danced across the sky until the stars came out.

The End

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