Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen.

Alexander's running footsteps thundered through the woods, and Grace could hear him calling out for her as he approached the park bench. She was sat with her head on top of her folded arms on the table. She wasn't crying, but her throat was oddly constricted and her head burned with the repressed tears. 

'Grace!' He panted. She sensed he had sat down opposite her, 'Grace, what happened?' 

The phone call she had made earlier flashed through her mind, she hadn't actually told him why she had been so distressed. 

'Grace? It's late.'

'I don't know what to do, please, I don't know what to do.' She had wheezed through rasping breaths, her heart pounding so hard against her rib cage she feared it might have burst out. 

'What happened, tell me clearly where you are.' He said coolly, but he hadn't successfully hidden the way his voice broke at the end of the sentence. She heard him stomp down the stairs and leave the house.

'The woods... I'm going to the park. I can't breathe.' 

'Grace, wait for me. I'm coming to you now as fast as I can.'

Alexander cupped her face in his cold hands, they felt nice against her flushed cheeks, he lifted her head away from her arms and looked at her. 

As soon as their eyes connected, Grace couldn't stop herself. She began to cry. The sobs forced themselves up and out of her throat, her breath audibly dragging in and out of her lungs. He quickly let go of her face and jumped onto the table and onto the bench which Grace was sitting on. Her shoulders jerked with each pained sob she gave out, Alexander placed his arm around them, which only made the tears flow harder. 

He gave out a desperate moan and pulled her against his chest, stroking her hair; cooing soft words that didn't really make sense. Grace collapsed into him, relying solely on him to give her support to stay upright. 

It wasn't the loss of Holly's friendship which was making her fill so much turmoil in her heart, but the fact she had revealed what her family had never. ''You think because you tried to kill yourself that you're a special little cupcake.'' No one had ever disclosed the details of Grace's accident, and Grace liked it that way. But no one had ever told Grace she cried every day. Was there something wrong with her? Before she was thirteen, did something happen to make her want to take her own life, and if so, what on earth could it be? The day she had lost her memories had always been referred to as "The Accident". But it turned out it was really an accident, it was an event that was definitely intended to occur. 

It made her realise that there really was so much she didn't understand about who she was. People had always described her as a happy person, but she most definitely was not happy if she tried to do something like that. What reason would she have for it? Was it a person who drove her towards her attempted death? Who was she?

'Gracie... what on earth happened to you?' Alexander murmured softly into her ear, his fingers had begun tracing patterns on the back of her neck as her sudden outburst died down, 'Grace...' 

Grace pulled away from Alexander, wiping her nose with the back of her hand she raised her teary eyes up to him, and bit her lip. 

'You don't have to tell me, if you don't want to.' He said gently, ruffling her hair, 'but I need to know something. I didn't think you could ever cry like that.'

'Holly said I tried to kill myself and that's why I got amnesia.' Grace blurted out. Alexander looked at her in shock, his mouth made a small ''o'' as he had been rendered speechless.

'But you said it was an accident,' was all he said.

'I thought it was. No one ever told me what happened because I never asked.' Grace said mournfully, 'now I think I was better off not knowing anything.' 

'Hey now,' Alexander said quietly, wiping away the smeared mascara under Grace's eyes with his thumb, 'this doesn't change who you are now.' 

'No. You're right.' She agreed, 'but it feels like it does.' 

'No matter what anyone tries to make you believe, you've changed. And I think it's for the better if you were doing things like that. You can't let a past you don't remember make you question who you are now.'

He was right, but something right at the back of her mind was screaming at her that it did change who she was. 

'But, Alexander, I tried to take my own life. did. Me. Even if I'm a different person now, that was still me.' Grace tried to explain, and Alexander looked as though he understood but she couldn't think of a way to help him understand further. She wanted to explain about the confusion of being two people, one of which you couldn't even comprehend existing. Yet the words wouldn't pass her lips. 

Alexander didn't say anything, he just looked like he was thinking hard about how to phrase his next point. But Grace didn't feel as though she was ready to hear it, so she interrupted his train of thought, 'I'm sorry. I've not cried since I was thirteen.' 

As though he knew her intentions of changing the subject he smiled and told her it was alright. He looked at her as though he had just placed another piece into an extremely intricate jigsaw, and Grace met his gaze head-on. 

After what seemed like an eternity of neither of them speaking, Alexander finally stood up, stretching his arms above his head, 'we should leave. It's gotten late.' 

'Okay.' Grace nodded, taking the hand he had offered her.

She didn't let it go until the very last second they were together.


(Well this kind of took a dramatic turn, but I decided to just go with it)

The End

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