Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten.

The morning dragged on at a painful rate, every five minutes that passed felt like five hours. Her parents left for work about half an hour after she and David had been eating their breakfast, and the house became quiet as the siblings split off to other sides of the house.

Grace had given up on staring at the clock after realising it was a terrible method of passing the time. Eventually, she had given up and taken to watching re-runs of tacky American home renovation shows which, incidentally, did help her ignore the clock and the time slipped away with ease. 

Before she knew it, the clock chimed at the thirteenth hour. Grace looked up in surprise, had the time really flown by so fast? She stared at the TV, this time it was airing a show about Chinese cuisine which she vaguely remembered starting to watch. 

'Grace, what do you want for lunch?' David swung around on the door frame. He had changed out of his flannel pyjama bottoms and into a pair of worn-out jeans; his T-shirt still the same one that he had slept in. 


'We don't have pizza. Mum stopped buying it because you ate them too fast.' 

'Potato faces.'

'You ate all of them, too.'

'I'm not hungry, then.' Grace said boredly, turning her attention back to the television screen on which a young man was frying some prawns in soy sauce. 

David grumbled incoherently as he strode out of the living room and back into the kitchen. 

Grace's stomach was tying itself in knots as the minutes kept on ticking by, she couldn't concentrate on the TV show at all. It wasn't like her to get so worked up about such a trivial thing, and it was beginning to make her question her own personality.

The phone next to her vibrated violently against the sofa arm, sending small ripples of movement through the left side of the sofa. She answered the phone call cautiously, 'hello?'

'Hey, it's Alex.'

'Oh, hi. What is it?'

'Did you want to come over earlier, I mean, we're in now and I am dying for excuse to stop helping move boxes in to the house.'

Grace chuckled, shaking her head, 'okay. I'll be around in a few minutes. Do you know we live really close to each other?'

'How close?'

'Your new house is barely a street away.'

Alexander laughed triumphantly into the phone, 'now you'll never get rid of me!'

She laughed loudly, slipping on a pair of battered blue flip flops as she left the house, 'will you stay on the phone with me?'

'Sure. Did you just leave the house?'

'Yep, I'm on my way now. Did you just want to go for a walk or something?' Grace asked, clutching the phone in the fear she might drop it as she walked. 

'Why not. Right now, all I'm interested in is getting away from these moving men, they stink!' He paused, 'oh, sorry, I didn't mean it like that!' Alexander said hurriedly, implying he'd walked passed one of them while talking.

Grace stifled a snort, she was fast approaching the address, but felt reluctant to put down the phone. She had been told by Holly once that they used to stay on the phone for hours, even though they lived only five minutes away from each other. Grace wondered if this is what she had felt when she was with Holly before the accident, because she sure as Hell didn't feel the attachment she did to Alexander with Holly. 

'You still there?

'Yeah, I'm nearly at your house, wait a sec.' She replied quietly, her footsteps slowed down when she had reached his house. Alexander's dishevelled chocolate brown hair was easy enough to recognise from behind. He stood with his back to her and she couldn't stop the grin that split her cheeks. Grace crept towards her friends turned back, arms outstretched. And then, when she was close enough to touch him, she reached out slammed down her hands onto his shoulder. 

Alexander let out a girlish yelp, whirling around with his eyes popping, 'you are... you scared me!' 


'You don't need to apologise!' He laughed, then smiled at her. I like his laugh better in real life compared it the laugh over the phone, Grace thought absently. Alexander reached out and wrapped her in a big hug, 'it's been ages!'

Grace's body stiffened in shock against his warm embrace before she realised that this was the normal thing to do - he had known her since they were babies. This revelation made a wave of sadness wash over her. 

Because she had only known him for a week. 


The End

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