Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine. 

The morning's first light crept through Grace's curtains, shining over her face and disturbing her peaceful sleep. Her eyed fluttered open and she cringed against the bright light, she groaned and pulled the duvet over her head in an attempt to fall back to sleep. But it was useless, she was already wide awake. 

She glanced at the digital clock on her bedside table and made a noise which was neither a whine nor snort. It was six thirty AM, and Grace knew there was no chance her brain would let her slip back into her slumber now. 

Grace sat up, the corners of her vision darkened as the head-rush took over. Running a hand through her hair, she stood up and winced at her reflection as it had, yet again, slipped her mind to remove her makeup. 

The makeup wipes sat on the table underneath her mirror, she grabbed them and pulled out one of the pieces of cloth which stank of aloe. This has become quite the ritual for me, thought Grace with a trace of sarcasm. 

Her hair, as per usual, sat on the top of her head in a tangled mess. Rather than making an attempt to drag her comb through the nest, she just raked her fingers through it and tied it up with one of the bobbles on her wrist. 

Walking over to the window, she threw the curtains aside and this time she was prepared for the brilliant morning sun. The rain had officially stopped falling and the only trace left of it were the rapidly drying puddles in the pavements. Grace opened on of the windows a crack, just to let in some fresh air. The hairs on her arms stood up when the light breeze reached her arms.

The dark circles under her eyes looked deeper than normal after a sleepless night. But how could she have been thinking about sleeping? She was going to see Alexander today! 

She smiled to herself before slipping out of her bedroom, down the stairs and into the kitchen where she was surprised to find her brother sat down, reading a book. In all of the two years she had gotten to know her brother she had never seen him reading. But instead of calling him out on it, she pulled out a chair and sat opposite him. He didn't notice her at first, he was too involved in whatever he was reading.

'Oh, morning, Gracie.' He said, looking up from the offending item, she eyed the book up.

'Why are you reading?' She asked, ignoring his greeting.

'Am I not allowed to read?' David enquired, raising one of his thick eyebrows. 

'I didn't say that, I have just never seen you read before.' Well, that wasn't strictly true. Grace had seen her brother reading books like ''D&D Playing Guide: Volume 5" or ''Cheat Codes 101'' but never an actual novel.

David shrugged, 'Sam introduced me to a good author. I've read about two books in four days.'

Grace looked him dead in the eye and applauded him, her face poker-straight. 

Her brother lapsed into a fit of quiet laughter, cautious of the noise levels in case the woke up their parents. Seeing someone giggling so hard made it difficult not to crack a smile, which is exactly what Grace did. 

Normally, she would have thought smiling so much in one week would make her cheeks ache, but it felt surprisingly relieving to laugh freely. 

'Are you going to see Alexander today?' David asked one he'd calmed down, 'they're moving in today, right? I think you two'll be great friends again, you two have always been able to hit it off real easy after not seeing each other for ages.'

'Yeah.' Grace agreed, but she didn't specify which part of her brother's statement she was agreeing with. 

'I'll go with you, I haven't got work until four today.' 

''Kay.' Grace replied, scooting back her chair. She grabbed her pink cereal bowl and her usual choice of frosted cornflakes. When she was back at the table with her food, David's nose was already buried back in his book.

Grace rolled her eyes and started eating her breakfast, her mind buzzing with excitement in anticipation of her plans. 

The End

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