Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight.

It had been a week since Grace had met Alexander, and in the space of seven days he filled the hole in her heart which Holly, David or her parents hadn't been able to do in two years. He was, in Grace's mind, an ideal friend for her. Even though he was two years her senior, he never played on it and treated her as an equal, and as a human being. And Alexander hadn't mentioned anything about the past since Grace asked in the university canteen, he didn't try to force her former self into her. 

With Alexander, there were no expectations. He was her friend. 

Grace sat in front of her window, watching the little droplets of rain smash against the pane then race each other down to the bottom. She had her headphones on, but they weren't plugged in; she found they help drown out the noise of the world around her. 

Her phone buzzed against her bare foot, making her jump as the vibes tickled her toes. She knew it was from Alexander before she even looked at the ID. 

We're moving in tomorrow, meet me at the new house. Then, following his message was the address. Grace raised her brows and smiled, the message wasn't even a question, he was telling her. 

But what if I don't want to go? She texted back, tapping her collar bone with the edge of the mobile while she waited for his reply. She felt it vibrate through her bones, Grace yelped at the weird sensation but quickly checked out the message. 

But you do want to go. 

What time should I come over? Grace felt her lips tug at a smile as she wrote the message. 

Two. Don't be late. 

'It's not like you're going anywhere.' She grumbled, but she wasn't really complaining. She felt her mood lift higher in excitement for meeting Alexander tomorrow. Grace stood up and unlocked her window, pushing both of the glass doors wide open; rain splattered the windowsill and splashed her T-shirt. 

The evening air was cool on her hot skin, as it was every other day. 

Grace smiled. Grabbing her coat off of the back of her door, she threw it open and bounced down the stairs. She caught herself smiling and stopped, realising it was very unlike her to be so... happy.

But it shouldn't be that way, Grace told herself, I'm supposed to be happy. This thought led her to realise that nothing really made her happy anymore. Yet a single friend she had grown close to over the past seven days brought out emotions she didn't know she could feel anymore after the accident. 

'Someone looks happy.' Her mother looked over her shoulder at Grace, 'what happened?' 

'The Mr and Mrs Cain are moving into the neighbourhood tomorrow, Alexander told me the address so we should visit them.' Grace said, her usual monosyllabic way of talking suddenly became an intricate buzz of emotion. 

Her mother blinked, visibly stunned by Grace's sudden enthusiasm for something other than walking to the shop, which, coincidentally, was something Grace was also going to do that evening. 

'Really, well I'll-' Grace's mother began.

'I'm going to the shop.' Her daughter announced before leaving the house, shutting the door quietly behind her. 

The rain hit her forehead, and quickly made her hair clump up into seperate chunks. But Grace didn't really mind, she was too busy smiling to notice. 


(Note: I'm not really happy with this chapter, but I'm going to post it because it helps lead on to a chapter I want to write in the future. Sorry if you find it boring!)

The End

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