Chapter Six

Chapter Six. 

'You don't have to lie to me, you know.' Alexander said, sitting down opposite Grace. They had finished the tour of the halls and were now being given free taster foods at the canteen. Grace's plate was piled high with cakes. 

Grace looked at him in confusion, 'excuse me?'

'The entire time we were walking around you kept talking about bands you liked and stuff,' Alex shrugged, 'you didn't really look like you were that interested despite how much you talked about them.' 

'I do like those bands, I've been listening to them since-'

'Since you were thirteen?' The boy interrupted her, looking at her with calculating eyes.

She glared at him, 'since I was ten, actually.

He snorted, stabbing a piece of pasta with his fork. He waved it around, looking at it as he did, 'you may have, but you didn't. I don't get why you try so hard to pretend.' 

Something inside Grace's mind snapped with annoyance, 'look, I don't even know you! Can you please stop talking to me like that, it's kind of rude.'

'Yeah, maybe. But know you.' He smirked, but he said the words in such a way that it ended the conversation between them. Alexander began to eat, not bothering to look back towards Grace. She scooped up some of her strawberry tart angrily, and she caught him chuckling at her while she ate. 

There was something about Alexander Cain which Grace found incredibly infuriating. Maybe it was just her getting used to people she once knew being polite to her after they found out she suffered from amnesia. She shouldn't have let herself get too comfortable with the idea people were automatically going to be nice to her. Even so, he could a least have the decency to talk to her with a little more formality. 

'You're fifteen now, right?' Alexander suddenly asked, looking at her intently. 


He whistled through his teeth, 'time sure flies.'

'I wouldn't know.' She retorted. 

Alexander chuckled again before delving back into his plate of pasta bake. 

'What's so funny?' Grace asked, irritated. 

'It's just you, I like you better than before.' He smiled, his eyes crinkling up at the corners fondly like her older brother's did sometimes when he was reminiscing about the past.

'Was I like before?' She inquired curiously. Grace put down her fork, wiped her mouth with the little blue napkin then placed her hands in her lap, staring at her childhood friend patiently. 

'Annoying!' He said happily, which implied she couldn't have been that bad, 'because you were younger then, and I was a little older you looked up to me as you would with David. Except I was more of a friend than a brother. I've known you since I was five and you were three but we moved away when I was twelve - I've not seen you or your family since then.' 

'I see.' Grace said thoughtfully, 'I don't know why they never talked about you guys before.' 

'Your parents probably didn't want to bombard you with too many people at once,' Alexander shrugged, 'we're moving back into your neighbourhood now so we'll probably be seeing a lot more of each other.' 

'You're moving back? Why?'

'Dad's job.' He replied shortly and Grace got the idea it wasn't something he wanted to talk about.

'So... you're seventeen? Will you be going to the college or sixth form?' Grace asked, genuinely interested.

'College, as if I'd go to a sixth form with a dress code.' Alexander shuddered and the girl opposite laughed. 

'Well. At least things might get more interesting with you around.' 


The End

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