Chapter Five

Chapter Five.

The tour of David's new housing was boring, Grace decided. She just lagged behind the group of parents who ''ummed'' and ''ahh, I see-ed'' every time the owner made a comment about a particular part of the building's history. 

This place smells of damp and I want to go back to the park, Grace thought bitterly, her feet were aching and her back hurt from standing up too long. Her parents and brother were mixed in with the other families, and had left her behind to saunter along at her own pace as she usually would. 

Just as they reached the next set of stairs, another family came from behind Grace and joined the gaggle of people just ahead of her. They looked vaguely familiar to Grace, but she decided that she must have seen them walking in around the campus at one point during the day.

At least, that's what she thought when she first saw them until she jumped at the sound of her mother shriek, 'Ellie?!' 

Grace looked up, her eye brows nearly touching her hairline in surprise at seeing her mother so animated. In the two years she'd gotten to know her, she was pretty sure that Mariah Walker was a lady of composure. 

The rest of the tour guide carried on while the two apparently reuniting families shared hugs and kisses. Grace hung back, feeling strange if she were to join in. She didn't know these people, and, if she was being honest, didn't want to know these people. 

'And Gracie! You've grown!' The woman named Ellie swooped down on the hapless teen, encasing her in a tight, inescapable hug. Her mother must have seen the flash of annoyance in Grace's eyes because she touched Ellie's shoulder as shook her head as a sign to let go.

'Sorry, I thought you might have heard.' Grace's mother smiled, 'our little girl got herself into an accident, she has severe amnesia.' 

Not the sort of thing I want strangers know, thanks, mum. 

'Oh, God, I'm sorry!' Ellie flung her arms into the hair dramatically. Grace decided that she didn't like this woman very much. 

'It isn't your fault.' Grace shrugged, the pity that replaced the surprise on Ellie's face made Grace's blood boil. I'm fine, there isn't anything wrong with me so don't look at me like that!

'Well, no matter!' Ellie smiled, 'I'm Ellie, I used to babysit you and your brother when you were little. This is my husband Phil, and my two sons Sam and Alexander. You and Alex used to run around the garden naked together.' She said, nostalgia twinkling in her eyes.

Grace didn't make an effort to acknowledge Ellie's last statement, but let her eyes drift over the family slowly. She stared at the youngest, who she assumed was Alexander. He was the boy who had been ogling at her in the car park. She frowned at him, and he looked at his scuffed converse in embarrassment. 

'I don't remember you.' Grace said finally, her eyes were hard and cold as she looked at the alien group. Her stare could have been considered something of a glare it was so brutal, but she warmed it up with her perfectly mastered smile. 

Alexander looked at her with unmasked suspicion.

What on earth is the problem now?


The End

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