Chapter Three

Chapter Three.

Grace awoke to the incessant banging of her brother's first against her bedroom door. 

'Get up! We're leaving half an hour!' David roared, thumping his knuckles against the door again before kicking it. 

His sister gave him a groggy reply which sounded more like a wounded animal's moan than a morning greeting. She slithered out of bed and winced at her reflection. Black was smeared underneath her eyes due to her negligence of removing her mascara the night before. Her hair sat tangled and unruly upon her head like the pigeon nest in the tree outside her window. 

Grumbling again, she reached for her makeup wipes and scrubbed away any remaining gunk on her eyes. Some mascara was still left on the lashes, so she just went straight onto her hair instead of bothering to apply some more. 

After changing into some fresh clothes, she headed downstairs to where the smell of bacon filled the kitchen. David was sat at the table, furiously pressing the buttons on his PSP as quiet fantasy music thudded lightly out of the speakers. 

'Morning, Gracie.' Her dad greeted her as she made her way to the kitchen table.

'Mornin'.' Grace replied gruffly, pulling out the chair which she had chosen as her own. 

'Man, you look a right state!' Commented David, she glared at her brother before pouring herself a glass of juice.

'I'm just tired.' 

'You don't have to come, love, we just thought it'd be nice.' Her dad told her from the other side of the kitchen.

'No, it's fine.'

She heard the clattering of plates as her father dished up the bacon for his children. He laid their food before them and the pair dug in savagely. Within two minutes the pair were done and headed for the bathroom. 

'Weirb dat 'm mobing out in a few bonths!' David slurred through a mouth full of toothpaste. 

'Not really,' Grace shrugged as she waited her turn. She didn't feel any particular attachment to her brother over the two years she'd known him. Only that he lived across the hallway from her and continuously slapped the back of her head when she ate his special corner yogurts. 

David eyed her for a moment before spitting out white foam into the sink. 'You really don't remember anything, do you?' He murmured quietly, turning the tap on to wash away his spit. 

'Sorry.' Grace said automatically. She always said that when her family mentioned her memory-loss. She felt as though she'd taken their youngest away from them, replacing the kid they once knew with her. 

'It's not your fault,' David smiled warmly, wrapping her up in a big bear huge like he did whenever he needed comforting. He ruffled her hair and left the bathroom. 

Grace stood in front of the mirror, flattening down the nest he'd recreated on her scalp. She picked up her toothbrush and began to scrub her teeth, watching the sand timer's last crumbs slip through the little hole; she spat the minty substance down the plug hole, wiping the excess around her mouth off with the back of her hand. 

Tugging the hem of her vest top down, she made for the kitchen again where her family were waiting. 


The End

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