Chapter Two

Chapter Two.

Grace entered the house silently, slipping off her shoes in the entrance as she made her way into the living room. Her parents were sat together on the smaller sofa, as usual. She glanced at the TV. They were watching on of their many favourite crime shows which Grace was still struggling to remember the names of. Apparently there had been a time when she, too, would never miss an episode. But that time was long gone with Grace's other memories. 

'Oh, you're home, love!' Her father beamed, 'did you have a good walk?'

'Yeah.' She smiled back, 'I'm going upstairs to bed.' 

'But it's the holidays.' Her mother looked puzzled, 'it's only nine.' 

'Oh, I didn't realise. I'll stay up later then.' Grace replied in surprise, before drifting off towards the staircase. She padded quietly upstairs, she could hear her brother playing some kind of fighter game in his room but the noise was cut short as he recognised her footsteps on the landing. 

'You're home,' he opened his door as she made for hers.

'Yeah, looks like it.' Grace replied dryly. 

'Don't need to be snarky, I'm just saying hello.' David said pointedly.

'Can you turn the noise down on your game I'm going to listen to some music.' She told him before carefully closing the door so it didn't make a noise. She saw David look at her sadly as she did. Her chest tightened, I don't want your pity. 

Grace strode over to the window and pushed both of them open as wide as they'd go. She inhaled deeply, she found comfort in the cool breeze that caressed her skin, despite it already being fairy cold due to the downpour of earlier. She was glad that her bedroom faced the forest, it gave her a break from all of the people in the town who looked at her like she was the most pitiful thing they'd ever seen. 

'There isn't anything wrong with me.' Grace told herself strongly, sitting on the floor in front of the large window with her legs crossed. She reached for her iPod and dragged the chunky headphones, the iPod had a vast collection of pop-rock songs on it. It wasn't that Grace disliked the music, she enjoyed listening to it. But there was something about it which made it grow tiresome to her ears; like all the music she tried to listen to.

In fact, most of the things the "old Grace" would have considered cool just seemed totally boring to her as the time went by. They were interesting at first, all these new things she didn't really recall ever being interested in but when she'd read all of her past self's favourite books half a dozen times over and played all of her games countless times they just became tiresome and not enjoyable. 

A light knock on her door made her jump out of the trance she had fallen into while caressing the baby-pinking head set. 

'Grace?' It was her mum. 

'Yeah, come in.'

Grace turned around to face the woman, smiling the smile she'd learned to create over the past two years.

'David, your dad and me are going to check out the university tomorrow, do you want to come with us? I think David would like it if you did,' she said in the gentle voice Grace recognised to be the one she used when she was trying to pursuade people. 

There was no point in trying to say she didn't want to go, because she couldn't think of a valid reason why she shouldn't, so she just nodded in acceptance of her mother's offer.

'Great, we'll be leaving at half ten so don't stay up too late!'

'Okay, night.'


Grace stood up and shut her window before collapsing onto her huge bed, not bothering to change out of her day clothes, she allowed herself to slip into a dreamless sleep.

The End

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