Chapter One

On Grace's thirteenth birthday she lost all memories of the people in her life, she is now fifteen and still struggling to find a shred of her past somewhere in her mind.
I'm using this to get back into the swing of things - so I'm sorry if it's not well written :)

Chapter One.

Grace sat on the park bench, chewing at her chocolate bar thoughtfully. It tasted sweet, as did the two others she'd consumed in the past five minutes. Sweet, but she knew it served her no purpose in eating it. 

'Hey, Grace!' A cheerful voice cried from across the other side of the path. She looked up, and found herself confronted with the girl who had been her best friend for seven years: Holly.

'Hi Holly.' She greeted the tall, jovial girl whose flaming orange ponytail bobbed up and down as she hopped over to the bench on which Grace was sitting. Holly was a kind person. She was sometimes quite forceful in her opinions, but she was very caring and ever since the accident she hadn't left Grace's side.

'You know if you eat too many of those you'll get fat.' Holly grinned, nodding at the candy wrappers beside Grace.

'I don't really mind. They taste nice.' The other replied, still gnawing at the end of the one she had in her hand, 'what're you doing out this late?'

'Could ask you the same!' Holly remarked, 'Mum asked me to go and buy some milk.' 

'Oh, you should go and get it then!' Grace punched her friend's arm lightly, 'not like I need you to babysit me on a park bench.' 

'I miss it when you did need me!' Holly pouted. Beside her, Grace stiffened. I don't, She thought angrily. But she slapped on a happy face despite her sudden flare of irritation at Holly's comment. 

'Go on then! Get going!' She laughed nervously, pushing Holly back onto the path. 

'Well, if you insist,' Holly sulked, waving as she strode off. Grace watched her back as she left, feeling somewhat relieved. 

There was nothing wrong with Holly, nothing at all; but Grace didn't know her. Two years of rekindling a friendship didn't make up for the five they'd lost when the accident happened. Even though she knew Holly only had kindness in her actions to befriend Grace again, she found the hyperactive redhead irritating. The same could be said for her family, she called on these people when she liked with familiarities she found awkward to express. Words like 'Mum' and 'Dad' and 'Brother meant nothing to her when paired with these strangers she'd known for all but two years. 

Grace sighed, picking up the crumpled chocolate wrappers as she stood up to leave, throwing them into the bin as she passed it.

Droplets of rain began to fall through the trees above the forest path, dulling the already darkening sky. It grew harder to see where she was walking as night fell, she pulled out her phone to use as a torch through the woods until she reached the main street.

Her brother often reminded her that she was scared of the dark, or at least she used to be. But walking through the woods now didn't phase her in the slightest, she found it neither creepy nor enjoyable. 

She had been told everything about what she used to be like when she regained consciousness after the accident, and she had tried so hard to keep to it. But as the months turned to years, it grew progressively harder to be who she used to be. It had been twenty four months since the accident and her friends and family was still clinging onto the futile hope that the girl they knew and loved would return. 

Even if Grace had convinced herself she only had a slight emotional attachment to these people, it made her chest tighten to think that they didn't want her. They wanted someone else. 

And that is what Grace, aged fifteen, struggled with most in her life: she didn't know anyone. 


The End

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