Remember the First KissMature

Remembering the time you had your first kiss...

There was nothing to think about besides the rush and rumble of nerves and a near heart attack from the blood pumping so hard through your veins.  The initial moment forever embedded into your psyche, almost like a file-o-dex cataloging , there to draw upon and use in a time of near break-up (or down).  The touch of an electric fingertip tracing your jawline from earlobe to chin then lingering at the very base of your soul; though he's only touching your bottom lip. 

Breathless with the anticipation of that first locking of mouths... the fact that you aren't sure if your lips are too dry or chapped or too wet and  or there is too much lip ointment... never knowing what to really expect.  The throbbing of your heart now pounds in your ear drums and all you can think about is, "Will he lean to the left or right? ... Should I smile or will that cause him to end up kissing my teeth? ... I hope we don't bump noses because then it'll be awkward! ... Should I just close my eyes and let him do all the work?"  Mind racing he leans towards you using his thumb on your bottom lip to pull your mouth slightly open, his lips brush so gently across yours and you stop breathing all together. 

Your eyes snap shut and you melt into his arms unaware of the fact that one of his arms is already linked behind your lower back and pulling every second just a little more to press your bodies together.  All the while he takes his time and pulls your lips to his with a  static yet soft kiss that only barely shows any true intent.  The arm tightens about your waist and the hand tugs your face by your cheek and neck to his, as his mouth suddenly devours yours in heat and longing unspoken, the pull and desire flaming upwards through your spine. 

Your extremities, all of them, are tingling with the prick of a thousand pins, but not a pain merely a sensation, now thoughts have all but disappeared into the one, "Is this Real?"  Then he breaks the connection and slowly you open your eyes to look into his soul.  Your face is reflected there and mysteries untold bubble just below.

The End

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