Remember me: prologue



She hadn’t heard from him in weeks, their schedules being so busy she wasn’t surprised when her call went to his voice mail. She waited till his message finished, savoring the sound of his voice.

“Darling.” She began, looking out the fogged window of the cab.

“Winter has come and it has been so cold I have had to think of ways to keep my mind off it. To distract myself from it I think back to you and me sitting on top of that rock looking over the river. The heat so intense, the sun so hot I thought my skin was going to melt. I remember so vividly the look of surprise on your face when I suddenly got up, stripped off my shorts and took off my shirt to run and jump the hundreds of feet into the water below.” She laughed.

“And maybe it’s because its winter or maybe it’s because of the cold but…darling it has begun to snow, the stars have been cut off. Do you remember the night before I left? Midnight, stars hanging over our heads like lanterns, us on the beach, the ocean beside us, moving back and forth like a love song. Lost in your kiss, the stars suddenly seemed so dull compared to the sparkle in your eyes.” She paused

“Darling” she sent a kiss into the phone.

“I miss you, give me a call.” She said softly hanging up. The cab had stopped at a red light, the cabby a quiet fellow looked at her through his rear view mirror.

“That was beautiful” he said to her, she flashed him a stunning smile.

They never saw the black SUV that plummeted into the tiny cab.

The End

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