Chapter 1Mature

When I first saw her, I knew who my heart belonged to.

CHARACTERS For this chapter

Rachel McAdams as Paula
Zac Effron as Mario

Paula POV

            Life has been great with me. I have dated Mario, my boyfriend, for a year, today! Senior year has finally arrived. I will graduate in a few months as a valedictorian, since I am .03 ahead of Daniel, the salutatorian, who has a 4.17 GPA. Am I bragging? Maybe, but it's okay, right? Well hopefully it is.

           It is lunch already. Mario and I held hands as we squeezed out the over-populated Trinity High School hallways to get to the courtyard. We surprisingly managed to get to our destination. We sat down at the bench in which we considered ours.

          We sat down facing each other on a beautiful day in September. I really want to make out with him   desperately. Not in a horny way. I just want to blend his lips with mine. I stared into each others eyes feeling as if we were the only ones there. Those glossy green eyes are the ones that I loved the most about him. Okay enough staring, need to start a conversation.

        "So, How is your day going so far?" I finally asked.

       "Well, unexpected. Mrs. Reed gave us an unexpected quiz that was based on Trig. Something I am not good at." He replied, grabbing a strand of my hair, putting it behind my ear. So as a girlfriend I had to say something comforting.

        "I'm pretty sure you did okay since they were multiple choice."

       "No, not even"

      "Well then, I don't know what to say. Sucks for you." He just laughed and grabbed my face with one hand

       "Baby, you always lighten my day. All day, everyday. Luckiest man in school to have you and I promise you that I will never get tired of saying it. I love you." He repeated once again. I am low key getting tired of hearing him say that again and again. I honestly believe that it isn't necessary.

       "I love you too." I replied.

       "I didn't forget that it was our 1st year anniversary today. But since it's a weekday, I will take you to a fancy dinner this weekend. For today, I am going to sing to you one of your favorite songs. Significant one indeed." He grabbed my hand and cleared his throat as our eyes locked.

        "If you ever leave me ba-by... Leave some morphine out my doooor..." It Will Rain. Oh my god! A Bruno Mars song!!!! My heart already melted within the first line he sung. His voice is so mesmerizing.  He continued singing until he finished the first verse. We slowly got closer and started kissing. He paused, his face slowly drifted away but then got closer again to kiss me again. Instead he whispered  into my ear.

        "Do you want to go to my house and finish this?" He whispered. I should really think about this. I shouldn't though.I don't even know. No, no is an inappropriate answer now. The moment is here, I guess this was meant to be. I responded with a yes although I wasn't sure. He grabbed my hand and lead me to his car. He unlocked the car, opening the door for me climb in. As soon as he got in, he started the engine and immediately left. I checked the time on my watch; it was 1:18p.m. Our lunch  lasted an hour long from 1 to 2, so I didn't worry about the time. While we were on our way to his house I was thinking on the things that could happen at his house and the consequences of it. Sex can happen, but I'm not ready for that yet, hopefully it won't go that far. I hope his mom is home. Please be home. 

       Destination arrived. I saw no car.

      No one is home. Holy shit.

Give me time and tell me how it is!!! BTW this story will have Kaitlyn's and Dylan's POV!!! OPINIONS???!!?!?

The End

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