A teenage girl looses her memory when hit by a truck. When she wakes up at the hospital, she can't remember anything about herself except for her name. She finds out she's beautiful when she looks in the mirror! Unfortunately the hospital has no more room for her when she's already well so she ends up going home with a hospital intern. At his house she keeps getting these weird visions and flashbacks she doesn't know what to make of and on top of that the hospital intern, Dan and his brother, Br


“Honk, Honk!” I heard a loud noise blasting my ears. I turned my head slightly to the left. A huge blue delivery truck was heading my way. I tried to tell my legs to move but they wouldn’t listen. They were glued to the slick black roads.

I felt like my heart was in my ear because the pounding just got louder and louder. Faster and faster. It drowned out all other noises.

All around me, people gasped. I heard myself gasp and then…

All was white. Blindingly white.

The last thing I heard was. Oh. My. God.

Blackness was creeping into my vision.

I couldn’t grab on.

And I was unconscious, slowly slipping away…

Slowly. Slipping. Away. From. My. Life.





“Do you think she’s okay?” asked a worried deep brass voice. “Who is she? She didn’t have any I.D. on her.”

“She has no physical injuries. She’s a very lucky one here. Most people would have been killed. She doesn’t even have a scratch on her.” Said another voice, just as deep. “It’s amazing. We tested her over and over again.”

I forced my eyes open to fluorescent lights. My breath came heavy, every part of me ached.

 There where two male faces, one at each side of my bed.

Where was I?

“Miss, does any part of your body hurt?” asked a man with short gray hair on my left. He was wearing a doctor’s ensemble.

It took me a while to realize he was speaking to me. I opened my mouth, my cracked lips hurt. No sound came out.

In an instant there was a cup at my mouth. Water felt so good!

I tried again. “My throat hu-hu-hurts… a little.”

“It’s probably because you were unconscious for a few days now.” He answered.

My brows furrowed. “Unconscious?”

“Yes. Don’t you remember?” the doctor prompted. “This young man was driving the truck and the breaks wouldn’t stop. He hit you,” he gestured toward the boy about my age, 17, with scruffy chocolate colored hair.

“I’m sorry, really.” He sounded really sincere.

“What?” I felt overwhelmed. Who where these people and what are they talking about.

“I hit you with a truck,” the guy said slowly.

“Who are you? What truck? Who am I?” I asked. My head hurts. It was throbbing.

The doctor and the brown haired guy exchanged a glance.

The doctor spoke first. “Do you remember anything at all?”

I squeezed m eyes shut and all I could remember someone saying ‘Ava!’

“Ava” I said. They looked perplexed. “My name is. Ava.” I said slowly and once I said my name a smiled slowly formed, and I knew I was right.

“What about your last name?” asked the brown haired guy. I squeezed my eyes shut again. I tried to hard, I was drawing a blank.

“I. Don’t. Remember.” I murmured, mostly to myself.

“Can you remember anything else? Anything at all?” the doctor asked.

I thought long and hard. I shook my head, disappointed and a little scared.

“What’s gonna happen to me?” I asked in a small voice. The doctor took a deep breath. The boy guy stared at me uncertainly for a while.

“She can stay with me until they figure out who she is.” He offered. I smiled.

“Thank you,” I said, softly.

“She’ll be out of the hospital tomorrow so, you can take her home.” Informed the doctor.

“Um, do you… have a mirror?” I asked hesitantly. I don’t really remember how I look. The doctor nodded and a nurse came in with a round pink mirror. I held it up to my face.

I had a heart shaped face with sharp high cheekbones. Framed around my face was long, messy, wavy, bleach blond hair. I had a little button nose and big round sapphire blue eyes and a plush little mouth. I reached up to touch my hair; my fingers were carefully manicured into a squared-off French manicure. It was chipped.

My hair was as soft as a feather and it was shiny too. The sunlight managed to leak in from the shutters and formed a halo around my head. I opened my mouth and I realized I had 2 perfect rows of pearly white teeth.

I touched my face. It was weird. It was like looking at a stranger and then finding out that you’re looking at yourself. I tilted my head to one side. I touched the mirror.

It was me.

My hand was shaking slightly when I handed the nurse the mirror.

“Are you okay?” asked the brown haired guy. I nodded.

“Yeah, it’s just a lot to take in, I guess.” I replied.

“I’m Danny.” He stuck out his hand. I shook it and smiled.


“Well, Ava, you should get some rest.” The doctor suggested.

“Okay.” I nodded again. “Bye Danny.”

I sighed and closed my eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.

In my sleep, I had a weird dream. There was this really pretty Asian girl. Her name was Livia. The name came out of nowhere. She looked like an airbrushed billboard. From her perfectly straight jet-black hair all the way down to her pitch-black Louboutin heels.

She had the voice of butter. Smooth and as pretty as she was. The same voice that called me Ava while I was talking to the doctor, I realized.

Then I saw myself walk up to her. I was wearing a tiny, tight light blue minidress with white Prada pumps.

My hair was swept into 2 parts. The top part was a bun where my hair was weaved in and out. There were pearls in it too. The bottom just cascaded down to the small of my back.

I called her liv and went over. She smiled a beauty queen smile and strutted over. We exchanged air-kisses and compliments. She called me Ave.

She handed me a cocktail and suddenly there was a setting. We were in a club, loud throbbing music. ‘Whoo!’ I shouted and started to swing my hair and dance. Then people boosted me onto a table and I started to swivel my hips, singing, dancing and spraying people with Champaign. I was laughing and crazy, my eyes where bright and sparkly.

At some point, my expensive pearls and diamond accessories fell off or got torn off by me and thrown into the crowd.

It was almost as if I was there. When I jerked awake, it was morning and I was covered with sweat and was panting.

The doctor walked in and saw how dazed I was. “Miss Ava?”

“Huh?” I asked startled.

“Are you okay?” I heard for the millionth time.

“Yeah, just had a dream.”



“You sure?”


“Okay then,” he wasn’t going to push me to tell him. “Danny is going to bring you home now. Ok?” he was about to leave.

“Wait!” I shouted, and then lowered my voice. “How do I know I can trust Danny?”

“Danny interned here, trust me. He’s a good boy.” He said matter-of factly. “You can trust him.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“No problem.” He walked out the door and Danny replaced his spot.

He had on a smile. “Ready? They’re gonna give you the clothes that you were wearing.”

“Cool,” soon enough a nurse came in and whisked me away.

Then I emerged wearing a body-hugging tank top with tight ripped jeans. I thought the tank top was too inappropriate with the low neckline and how it showed too much midriff so there was also an oversized T-shirt.

I also had a little charm bracelet that said TYF in big glistening diamonds. Then when you rotate it, the diamonds were smaller but had the letters SAY, JPY, CY,CAY, ETY. There were dream surrounding each 3 letters. Instead of toys, they were diamonds. Each was detachable and hung on a silver chain.

It was pretty. The prettiest thing I ever saw.

“There.” I said, brightly. “Let’s go,”

The End

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