Reluctant Venus of Willendorf

Reluctant Venus of Willendorf struggles with biological urges manifesting in her dreams.

"Ugh, I'm never wearing this hideous dress again," Anna said as she caught a reflection of herself and immediately thought of the plump, top-heavy Venus of Willendorf statue she'd studied in Grade 11 Art History.  Her large breasts were pronounced more than usual in the grey, flowy frock with an empire waist.

Now, at the age of 28, Anna may have been at the height of her fertility, but was by no means anywhere near the mental or emotional vicinity of wanting to have children.  Citing horrific overpopulation of the planet and her desire to have no part in the excessive overconsumption of resources, she had come to the conclusion that procreating was simply not realistic.  It was selfish, really.  Who knew if the world was going to last another 20 years let alone the 80 or so that would facilitate a long and fulfilling life for a new human being?  

There was no lack of willing sperm donors; that was not the issue.  She'd just never felt like the nurturing type.  Feeding her cat and scooping its poop were about as close as she got to being maternal.  If she hadn't already made up her mind, she attended her first baby shower for an old coworker and, after that, the deal was certainly sealed.  As sealed as the vagina stitches in the aftermath of birthing horror stories told by the aunts of the mother-to-be.  She decided then and there that any children in her future would be nieces or nephews, or MAYBE the adopted variety, but even that was pushing it. 

Then the dreams started.

In the first dream, she was playing with her skinny, long-haired tortoise shell cat whom she'd recently adopted off the street.  Madeleine kind of looked like an underdeveloped, miniature lion due to the partial shaving of her fur, which had been matted beyond brushing when she first meowed at the front door hungry for food.  Anna tried to cuddle her but had to hold her tight because Madeleine was not yet used to affection and would squirm and try to get away.  

Then Madeleine morphed into a tiny, naked child who proceeded to wrap its arms around Anna's neck and hold on for its little dear life.  Anna woke up, suddenly overcome with a bizarre mixture of feelings: an alien kind of love, combined with responsibility, confusion, and suffocation.  She knew she'd never experienced a feeling like that in waking life, and thought perhaps that must be what it feels like to create and be responsible for another human being.

She wondered what this dream meant.  Was her biology trying to manifest itself in her subconscious?

Then, another one.

Anna found herself on a gurney, legs propped up on stirrups, strangers standing in front of her, hovering in anticipation.  She looked down at her belly, and thought that although it was protruding slightly, it certainly did not look like that of a pregnant woman.  Someone put an IV into Anna's ankle and started pumping a mind-altering drug into her veins.  

"But, I don't even want this!  I don't even look like I'm pregnant!" she cried.  No one responded or acknowledged that she had said anything.  




The End

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