Part 2

They reached Anna’s house. Her house was just like his except for the large potted plant in the middle of the room. They maneuvered around it to sit down on the couch. “Tell me,” Ben began. “That sermon. What was speaker Tom going on about the last rebel? There are a lot of us.”

Anna was silent as she pondered on the question. “What’s strange is that a seventeen year old is the leader.” She said finally.

Ben scratched his chin uncomfortably. He didn’t like being reminded of his age because it made him feel inferior. In a weird way, in a family full of achievers, the rebellion was his achievement. “I’m more concerned on the sermon Anna. The last thing really bothered me. You believe in me right?”

Anna looked at him, not quite meeting his eyes. “Of course I do. Look at what you’ve done so far. The Speaker is coming tomorrow and everyone knows what to do.”

But Ben was having second thoughts. Who was he to take away and disrupt a normal routine of some people? “I’m just not sure anymore.”

Anna locked eyes with him then. “Benedict Cairns. Don’t tell me you’re backing out now. Think of what will happen tomorrow.”

“I’d rather not.” Ben confessed.

“Then think of why we’re going to do what will happen tomorrow. Why are we doing this in the first place Ben?”

The answer came to Ben’s lips automatically.  “Because even if the government is saying that we’re free, deep down it’s a lie. They shouldn’t be forced to join that stupid Relegion. Out of everything, our choice in what we believe in is the most important.”

“Just keep thinking of that until tomorrow and everything will go smoothly.” Anna assured.

But Ben was still not certain. “People could get hurt. Some might even die in the commotion.”

“Then it’s a small price to pay to be truly free.” Anna answered back. “Now stop worrying about it and let’s just hang out like regular teenagers a day before all hell breaks loose.”

The End

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