releasing the demonsMature

the stench of flesh, burnt flesh, hung heavily in the air. it was overbearing to the point it made me sick. as far as the eye could see, nothing but corpses litered the ground. not a single patch of the field the was supposed to be here could be seen. no grass, no march flowers, no rocks, nothing but the dead and dying. i inhaled deeply and closed my eyes, taking in everything thatw as around me in the air. hoping to pick out the scent of that one thing that was good in this hell. nothing but death, fear and desperation.

"find any survivours" i bellowed to the few men that were walking around, even though we all knew there were none. i walked around, trying not to step on any bodies, a task that was evidently impposible. i recognised the ensignia on some of the men. i nelt down to take a closer look. a skull impaled on a spear.death legion. bunch of hard ass, bad boys from the tess vora region. vicious soilders, honourable warriors. they will be missed. the other how ever, was another matter. i recognised it all right but this was slighlty different. it was a black dragon behind a blood red moon. i had seen this before. almost ten years ago. but this one was different. behind the dragon was two scyths crossed over and a blood drop below it. if this ment what i thought it ment, then something bad happened here. i rose back up and took in my suroundings. this region was a fair way off from the death legions fortress, north of here easily a few days travel, more for a force this big, but uncomftably close to the death valley. a region that was thought to be nothing more then a waste land. i knew better. as did very little others.

"my lord! over here!" came shout to my left. i walked over to where a couple of my men had gathered around at what i first thought was a body but as i moved closer i could see that this man was still alive.

"by the bloody basterd gods above, you are one tough bitch" i said as i nelt down beside none other then the reigning commander of the death legion her self, natasha nolteskov, she-drakin of the northguard, scourge of blood mountain. a craked smile of white teeth broke through a face covered in mud and blood.

"just my luck that your ugly face is the last thing i see" she jested back. i let out a low chuckle. she then cringed in pain as she tried to laugh as well.

"now dont push yourself, sweety"i said half mockingly

"who are you, my lover?" she retorted

"only if you want me to be" i said with a wink.

"not if your the last dick on earth" she said as she started to cough up blood. i heared one of my men call for the medic to hurry up. she held out her hand. i grasped it and stared straight into her eyes. she had strong eyes, and as red as the blood that flowed through her veins. her coughing fit ended. "its bad"

"says who?"

"says the big hole in my side, the gash in my back and the fact that your here looking down on me" she said with a smile of pain. mirth began to swell in the corner of her eyes. "listen, you need to get out of here" she said as blood sarted to flow from the corner of her mouth.

"why?' i asked, concern and dread plain on my face. she beckond me to lean closer.

"it's a trap" she whispered. i could hear her heart beat its last beat before her grip loosned on mine. it fell from my grasp. i looked in my hand, a small pendent lay where natashas hand had been. it was a dragon curled in on its self.

"my lord!" i turned around to see one of my men pointing to something in the distance. i could see this body walking towards us. something in me knew that this was bad. we heard a moan come from somewhere near by and watched as a body began to rise.

"men! to arms!" i shouted across the field as more bodies began to rise. my men gatehred in a deffensive circle around me and drew their weapons as one. the sound that made was like music to my ears. i let the feeling of coming battle fill me up as it ahd done on coutnless times before. i felt the fire that now drives me fill me up, giving me the strenght that now was my nature. i unfurled my wings and let out a howl of rage and loss as the now shambling corpses charged us. it felt good to tear something apart. it felt good to bring death to my enemies. it felt good to unleash my rage. but it wanst always like this....

The End

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